How to choose a professional printer: laser, inkjet, multifunction printer

Choosing one professional printer is a pretty tricky exercise. If you want to choose one, it’s important to know how to go about it.

How to choose a professional printer? selection criterion

If you don’t know how to proceed, don’t worry. Here’s what to do to successfully choose a professional printer.

Consider the printer’s printing technology

The first criterion to consider when buying a professional printer is the Equipment printing technology. Here you have the choice between different types of printers. The most popular models are laser printers and inkjet printers.

laser printer

laser printer

Known for their productivity, laser printer are suitable for printing text or graphics quickly and in excellent quality.

Specifically, this type of printer uses toners that are more expensive to buy but more profitable in the long run, allowing you to print a greater number of pages.

Laser printers offer a better print speedhave a larger capacity paper tank and are quieter.

Also, images printed with laser printers have a better accuracy in the sense that we don’t see grains of ink. Also, being designed for intensive use, the Laser printers are more lightfast and tend to last longer. Therefore, these printers are more suitable for companies and clubs. However, laser printers can be bulky and are not suitable for printing photos.

inkjet printer

inkjet printer
inkjet printer

That inkjet printer are by far the majority among printer models intended for the general public. You can find this type of printer on the JPG website.

As the name suggests, inkjet printers use ink cartridges to print out their users.

For better productivity, it is advisable to opt for XL ink cartridges. These cartridges have more ink and allow you to print more pages before you have to change them.

The main advantage of inkjet printers is theirs selling price, generally much lower than printers using laser technology. Inkjet printers are also suitable for black and white prints and color prints. However, since this type of printer is less durable, it requires regular and full maintenance.

Look at the printer features

The second criterion to consider when choosing a professional printing company for its activities relates to the printer features. In terms of functionality, there are two main categories of printers: multifunction printers and specialty printers.

multifunction printer

That multifunction printer are actually intelligent printers as they have many functions. Besides printing, they can also be used to photocopy or scan documents. These models are often equipped with a touch screen with configurable functions and programs that allow monitoring of consumables and management of documents.

Specialized printers

That special printer are printers intended for a specific professional need. In other words, unlike multifunction models, specialized printers are used to perform specific actions. This category includes in particular dot matrix printers, 3D printers, plotters as well as thermal and receipt printers.

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