Greensmith enraged at the stewards’ inaction over the accident

We know more about the circumstances that led Gus Greensmith to get rid of the windscreen on his Puma Rally1 during SS8. The M-Sport driver’s car then got stuck on the left after driving through a rut on the outside of a right-hand bend.

Greensmith and his passenger, Jonas Andersson, were trapped in their car for three minutes despite being near marshals who witnessed the accident.

Seeing the latter’s inaction, Greensmith was forced to kick the windshield to free himself, and Andersson climbed out shortly after. It has to be said that the Englishman had been preparing for such an exercise after seeing Oliver Solberg’s Hyundai quickly catch fire from a hot exhaust at Rally Croatia last April.

A video posted to social media shows an angry Greensmith using gestures and words to express his displeasure with the marshals at the scene of the accident. He returned to the audience for this sequence, and when he’s regained his composure, he’s still at a loss as to the attitude of those who should come to his aid.

Especially since the car showed the green light at the level of the hybrid system, so that intervention could be carried out safely. “We only drove to try to finish the rally”detailed greensmith with

“We came into a long right-hander approaching and there were some ruts. It was the same last year and I specifically mentioned it in the notes, but I still put the rear of the car up [dans l’ornière] and I couldn’t help but fall over. We were stuck in the car for three minutes because the marshals didn’t help us. I had to kick the windshield out of the car because I saw Oliver’s car [Solberg] catch fire [dans des circonstances similaires en Croatie]. So I had the urge to get out of there quickly. If the car got the green light, there was no reason for the marshals not to intervene.”

Greensmith hopes to resume competition tomorrow

Greensmith eventually managed to get his car back on its four wheels and made it to the finish, but had to put on goggles to continue without risking being blinded by the dust that was irrecoverably falling from the front of the car Cars leaked .

“To be honest, it wasn’t that bad to drive with these glasses on.”admitted the person concerned. “Maybe I shouldn’t say that, but it was quite noticeable, I’ve never done it before, but at over 150km/h it’s quite difficult to breathe. I drove slow enough to make sure I saw the end of the stage.”

Greensmith and Fourmaux grab the fat

Waste of time for the Englishman, who nevertheless had to give up a little later due to cooling problems after his exit. The M-Sport driver had previously experienced an already complicated first stage with a puncture on SP4 where he lost more than 13 minutes.

“The rally started quite well, but then it only got worse”explains Grünschmied. “I don’t really want to comment on the other things that happened. It wasn’t my intention to make a mistake today and it certainly wasn’t my style of riding. [que de prendre des risques], but it ended like this. I would like to be able to resume competition tomorrow, we’ll see.”

Greensmith is one of three drivers eliminated from Saturday’s Safari Rally. His team-mate Adrien Fourmaux had to retire shortly afterwards due to a broken gearbox, as did Ott Tänak, who dropped out during the last special run in the morning.

It should be noted that Greensmith and Fourmaux have already put their hands together ready to start again tomorrow and are helping their service mechanics get their respective cars back on their feet.

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