Football: Josias Lukembila will be able to assess his progress against LS


SoccerJosias Lukembila will be able to assess his progress against LS

The left winger from Lausanne, who trained with Team Waadt, has been putting in a lot of effort at FC Wil for a year. Before he returns to his former club this Friday (8:15 p.m.), he measures the progress made.

Since arriving at Wil, Josias Lukembila has recorded 13 goals and 10 assists in 43 games.

fresh focus

Excitement, impatience, nostalgia. A bit of all this is currently mixing in Josias Lukembila’s head. Wil is going to the Tuilière stadium this Friday evening (8.15pm) and it is an absolutely special journey for the 23-year-old left winger, who hails from Lausanne, trained with Team Vaud and started with the pros in Lausanne. Sports. “It’s nice to come back to this arena that I had the chance to play in,” he said. But it will be fun to find myself in the opposing camp.

In the summer of 2021, Lukembila had left LS with the utmost discretion after just 10 first-team games. A year later, here he is in the shoes of an undisputed defending champion at the current Challenge League leaders. This return to the sources allows him to appreciate the progress: “I was obviously a little disappointed that I didn’t manage to break into my city’s club. But looking back, I tell myself that I just shouldn’t have grown up there. It’s the fact that I’m uncomfortable, that I’ve changed my environment, that has allowed me to evolve to this point. When you’re in your city, your attention can quickly become watered down. Especially when things aren’t going so well. There I quickly question myself and concentrate on football.

Josias Lukembila in January 2021 in the Lausanne-Sport shirt.

Josias Lukembila in January 2021 in the Lausanne-Sport jersey.

fresh focus

Knighted by Alex Frei

The basics were there. He simply lacked playing time and the confidence of a staff. a floor. What he found in Wil. Upon his arrival, Lukembila was fitted into the XI by Alex Frei. “As a former striker, he always pushed us to leave. He’s the first to give me so much freedom,” he said. The change of coach in November 2021 has no impact on his career. Brunello Iacopetta, who temporarily replaced the top scorer in the Swiss team, has clearly recognized the profile of the Lausannois and continues to put him in the best possible conditions. “I’m a creative gamer, I like being free, having fun,” he introduces. In my opinion, this is where I perform best. The coach understood. Whether on a personal or football level, he asks me to let go.

“I’m a creative player, I like being free, having fun.”

Josias Lukembila, left winger of FC Wil

Lukembila ends his first season at Wil with 10 goals and 7 assists in 31 games. A flattering record, despite a less spectacular second half: 2 goals and 2 assists between days 20 and 36 versus 8 wins and 5 “assists” in his first 14 games. For the time being it will be left on similar bases. Stats – 2 goals, 3 assists in 8 games – and in terms of in-game impact: Provocateur ball at foot (he is the sixth Challenge League player to attempt the most dribbles per game, with an average of 6.39 ), agitated when losing leather (he is one of the catalysts of the St. Gallen Pressing) and free spirit in the offensive phase, the ex-national player M20 fulfills his role as an “energizer” wonderfully. “My strengths lie in speed and explosiveness. So what the coach is asking me to do is attack the space all the time,” he says.

Wil begins to dream

In his wake and that of other delights such as goalkeeper Marvin Keller, captain Philipp Muntwiler, midfielder Kastriot Ndau or right winger Sofian Bahloul, Wil got off to a great start and began to dream. “I would be lying if I said I believed it in June,” admits Lukembila, as you never know what turn a championship can take. But given what we’re building over the games, I tell myself there’s a way to do something.

“Given what we’re building over the games, I tell myself there’s a way to do something.”

Josias Lukmbila

How to explain such a spectacular transformation for a club that has been bottom of the rankings for many years, remains second to bottom and has not changed staff in the off-season? “The fact that we did a full preparation with the same coach allowed us to fully assimilate his method,” says the winger of Congolese origin. He had the time needed to implement his ideas. Thanks to him, the mentality of the group has changed. Every day he emphasizes the importance of the collective to give oneself for others. And then he tells us to have fun. All this makes our team very tight. More stable and balanced on all levels.”

La Tuilière viewers be warned: there is a chance that they will be surprised by the quality of this FC Wil. And also by the size of their former player.

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