Sustainable investments with attractive returns

The aim of Swiss Life Asset Managers is to offer customers unique access to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Wealth managers are becoming increasingly socially conscious and need to adapt their traditional business model to the demands of the future. How can social and environmental solutions be promoted through investments that also potentially generate financial returns? In this area, the impact investing market offers investors a variety of opportunities. Impact investing is a good addition to other investments in a portfolio. Swiss Life Asset Managers Equity Impact Funds are a targeted and dedicated range of funds that enable investors to achieve climate, environmental and social goals with a geographically diversified and risk-optimized equity portfolio.

Clear and measurable

A key element of impact investing is measuring and reporting the social and environmental performance and progress of the underlying investments. This creates transparency and accountability while educating stakeholders about impact investing, which helps the sector grow. The measurement of the impact of the company’s contribution is based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

As part of its investment approach, Swiss Life Asset Managers sets clearly defined and easily understandable key figures in relation to impact and ESG. The percentage of sales from Impact products and services is the key metric for the funds. The aim is to maximize it while ensuring good portfolio diversification and attractive return potential.

Each fund is subject to a set of impact revenue share criteria which must be met depending on the maturity of the relevant market. All funds must exclude companies whose cumulative negative contribution to the SDGs is more than 5% of their revenue, as well as companies with a low ESG rating or the subject of serious controversy. To help achieve the selected SDGs, the funds invest in companies that can make a measurable positive impact and generate reasonable returns.

  • The Swiss Life Funds (LUX) Equity Climate Impact Fund invests in companies whose products and services contribute to the fight against climate change. These companies are typically active in areas such as alternative energy generation, electric vehicles, or energy efficiency solutions.
  • The Swiss Life Funds (LUX) Equity Environment & Biodiversity Impact Fund invests in companies whose products and services contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and terrestrial and marine ecosystems. For example in the areas of pollution prevention and control, sustainable water management and/or agriculture.
  • The Swiss Life Funds (LUX) Equity Green Buildings & Infrastructure Impact Fund invests in companies whose products and services contribute to the development of energy-efficient buildings and green infrastructure to reduce the impact of urban communities on the environment. This includes, for example, products and solutions in the field of clean transport infrastructure, energy-efficient lighting and insulation solutions.

Responsible Investing

Sustainable investments are deeply rooted in the DNA of Swiss Life Asset Managers. Swiss Life Asset Managers has developed a comprehensive ESG concept and a responsible investment approach in recent years. Detailed information can be found in the Responsible Investment Report (in English).

For Swiss Life Asset Managers, ESG criteria are an integral part of identity, because responsible and long-term investing has always been one of our basic principles. Our relationships with our customers often last for decades, which is why sustainability and foresight are the basis of our long-term success. The commitment to sustainable development is also reflected in Swiss Life’s raison d’être: to enable everyone to live according to their own ideas. In the case of the environmental criteria, there is a particular focus on questions relating to the topic of “climate change”. Environmental issues and how companies deal with them are a key factor for future business success.

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The income and the value of the fund shares may fall or rise, and a total loss of the capital invested cannot be ruled out. Historical performance is not a sufficient basis for predicting future value and price movements. They are not an indication of current or future performance. In no way do they represent a guarantee for future performance or capital. The performance takes into account all commissions and costs incurred at fund level (e.g. management commission). However, it does not take into account the costs incurred by the customer (issue and redemption costs and commissions, custody account commission, etc.). Both Swiss Life AG ​​​​and the other members of the Swiss Life Group are authorized to hold positions in this fund as well as to buy and sell them. Funds of Swiss Life Asset Managers may not be offered for sale or sold in the United States or on behalf of US citizens or “US Persons” residing in the United States. “Swiss Life Asset Managers” is the brand name for the asset management activities of the Swiss Life Group.
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