Football: Matteo Tosetti: “I wasn’t happy on the pitch in Sion”


SoccerMatteo Tosetti: “I wasn’t happy on the pitch in Sion”

After two complicated seasons at the Tourbillon, the Ticino signed with Bellinzona, where Lausanne is visiting this Saturday. “I’ve become someone important again,” he appreciates.

In the FC Sion jersey, like here against St. Gallen on November 27, Matteo Tosetti rarely had the opportunity to express his potential.

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When Matteo Tosetti joined FC Sion in September 2020, everyone immediately saw what he would bring, especially in terms of the quality of his last pass. But the Ticino, who was crowned the best passer in the championship in 2018 in the FC Thun jersey, never really managed to exploit his potential.

Until this inevitable divorce took place on July 6th, despite the current lease until the summer of 2023. “We never found each other. A bit like a marriage that doesn’t work…”

“It’s hard to prove your worth when you’re not trusted. It gets complicated very quickly.”

Matteo Tosetti, former FC Sion player

But how did we get here? “Everything was great in Valais; we enjoyed it very much with my family. But I wasn’t happy on the pitch. I was a little lost. It’s hard to prove your worth when the club doesn’t trust you. It even gets complicated quickly (…) In Sion I have the impression that something is always missing. It’s a shame considering the potential.”


While he had provided 56 assists in his old Bernese jersey, the Ticino, an elegant and refined player, should only offer 8 assists with Sion. Little used or sometimes abused in a role that is not his, he also suffered from the lack of consideration of his subsequent coaches, particularly Fabio Grosso, who made him a team. By that spring he was off radar screens and no longer involved in Tramezzani’s plans.

“In general, they didn’t believe in me. Everyone knows I’m not a player who loves tackles. But I found myself in a defensive role. I’m not the type to kick you 70 yards. All these job changes caused me to lose confidence. I have no mood anymore.”

“I have the opportunity to find the footballer that I am and to show that I’m not done at 30.”

Matteo Tosetti, Bellinzona midfielder

A joy he has now found in Bellinzona, a club that has not hesitated to bet on him, as well as on Gaetano Berardi (also ex-Sion). “I’ve become someone important again,” he says happily. I’m mainly used because of my qualities…”

The Stadio Comunale midfielder doesn’t see his ‘relegation’ to the Challenge League as a rejection. “On the contrary, our interlocutor continues. I certainly come from a league, but given what I’ve experienced sportingly over the last two seasons, it’s a step forward for me. The return to Ticino was the best solution. I have the opportunity to rediscover the footballer that I am and to show that I’m not finished at 30. Here I know what I will find.”

In the meantime, their market value has fallen from CHF 1.8 million in Thun to less than CHF 500,000 at the end of their insignificant Valais experience.

A player agent as a boss

After Locarno (2009-2010) and Lugano (2014-2016), Tosetti discovered a third club in his home canton, where parish disputes and geographical rivalries continued to split. “In Bellinzona, the enthusiasm of the audience is just as important as the expectations of the Tifosi. We played Monza in a friendly in front of more than 3,000 spectators. Perhaps there will soon be more spectators in Bellinzona than in Lugano…»

Bellinzona is also the club of Pablo Bentancur, a very influential players’ agent. “He’s just as crazy about football as Christian Constantin. These are two bosses that look the same.”

“Lausanne made intelligent transfers, with the players knowing the reality of the Challenge League.”

Matteo Tosetti, Bellinzona midfielder

With the arrival of LS this Saturday, the neo-promoter intends to mark its territory as much as the Ghosts. “Lausanne made intelligent transfers, with players knowing the reality of the Challenge League. This can be complicated for us. At the same time it is a first game. It can be considered as a passed exam. The quality is there in Bellinzona, it must now be translated into the field…”

And what if the Ticino club doesn’t stop with its heroic deeds? The championship rules, which provide for up to three promotion tickets, could serve his interests. “In theory, concludes the ex-Sédunois, 30% of the teams can be promoted. In addition to the favorites, there might be a nice shot to try. Let’s try to play it hard. I dream of a derby against Lugano in the Super League…”

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