Dovizioso sees Yamaha going the way of Honda

It is a visibly resigned Andrea Dovizioso who, every day of the Grand Prix, gives his analysis to a now reduced audience of journalists, discussing the tests and races that continue to bring him the disappointment of results far from his ambitions. His hopes of returning to the competitive battle at the top, as he did with Ducati, appear to have faded, although he himself admits he won’t be able to resolve his difficulties in 12 races, meaning they’re likely hopeless.

The fact remains that at the height of his 36 years, Dovizioso manages to maintain safeguards that prevent his disappointment from sapping the confidence his career has brought him. This remains intact and the analysis he is able to perform always correct, giving him a long-awaited word as he sets about deciphering the competition being held in MotoGP.

His recent experience with the Yamaha leads him to draw a parallel between the trend at manufacturer Iwata and that affecting Honda until Marc Márquez was injured. We really saw in the Spanish champion’s absence how dependent HRC was on him, to the point where his performances plummeted to record levels as the other riders in the group were robbed of their leader. Today, however, Andrea Dovizioso sees a unique riding style in Fabio Quartararo, the only one capable of realizing the M1’s potential, leading him to believe Yamaha followed the same path that made Honda shine and then crash.

“At the same speed as the other bikes, the bike doesn’t accelerate, which I think is due to the grip. So if you can’t bring more speed into the middle of the corner, you can’t be fast,” describes Dovizioso assessing the window “very small” to meet the characteristics of the bike in piloting. “But Fabio has that feeling and he can really dance on any track and put a lot of speed into the middle of the corner. This is the only way you can be fast with this bike, and even more so than before.”

assessment framework “very good start and mid-turn”Not without self-mockery, the Italian pilot feels deprived of the right internal software to make the most of it. “If you don’t have the chip in your brain to ride a bike like that, then you can’t be fast.” He decides. Dovizioso had experienced the Yamaha in a season at Tech3 ten years ago, but that didn’t really help him. “I think the current situation at Yamaha is a bit different than 2012 in the sense that the way you have to ride to be competitive is even more extreme given the way Fabio rides. “ he notes that he is close to the conclusions drawn by Valentino Rossi a few months ago.

Now the situation is similar to Honda: there is only one driver who can use the full potential.

Andrea Dovizioso

“Where he struggles we lose a lot and where he manages to be particularly strong we can’t do what he’s doing; when we do the accounts that gives the gap he has every round. We start after.” on the starting grid and when we’re behind it’s more complicated. In the end there is never an advantage that means we can get a good result with good management. You can lose a lot or a little, but you lose something with everything you do, so you end up physically drained because you’re trying to do something that doesn’t work, so you drive more rigidly too. doesn’t work, so there’s a gap in every curve, and it’s quite big.

“I think Yamaha is in a very good situation because they won last year, they’re first in the championship this year, but from my point of view they’re in a very similar situation [qu’ont connue] Marc and Honda for the past six years or so, [même si] that’s the case in a different way, because the bike is completely different,” Judge Andrea Dovizioso.

“I don’t know if Yamaha made the decision to get into this situation or if they made it. [sans le vouloir]”, adds the Italian pilot. “But now the situation is similar to Honda: there is only one driver who can reach the full potential and who makes a big difference compared to the other drivers.

At this stage of the championship, Fabio Quartararo, leader, has scored 102 points versus 33 for his three colleagues in Iwata’s group combined. He is the only one to have won with Yamaha for more than a year, having alone recorded six of the brand’s seven wins since the start of the 2021 season and 13 of the 15 podiums.

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