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It took ten years to bring this oasis in the middle of the Negev desert to life. Opening in 2021, Six Senses Shaharut is dedicated to the inner journey, nurturing the rest of the soul and eyes by listening to the senses in an environment of simple and thoughtful luxury. Here not a single noise or useless light disturbs the almost religious tranquility of this temple dedicated to well-being and the search for balance. Only the breeze disturbs the tranquility of this place in harmony with the surrounding nature.

The Negev desert
After landing in Tel Aviv, we set off. You have to cross soft pink mountains, mounds of ocher earth, as if a giant had fun creating little heaps of random sand here and there, winding through the desert in the middle of the canyons to reach Six Senses Shaharut. The way to the hotel is long, the sun has time to set and offer its marvelous spectacle: the shades of pink turn into blue, behind a vast expanse of rocks and land, like a sea of ​​crystallized waves millennia.
Here the land is sacred. The light of God is everywhere, while the electricity poles punctuate the horizon, the power plants clad this arid nature with metal, the modern world and the hand of man are not far away.
Arrive in the middle of the night. It’s hair-ruffling gusts of wind that welcome visitors this evening. The night is starry, but the contours of the hotel cannot be guessed at.
Sleep is refreshing, no noise or car disturbs him. The surprise will be revealed at sunrise. In front of the bedroom terrace is the vast desert as far as the eye can see. The landscape is soothing, soft, the ocher of the earth and the blue of the sky blend perfectly and come together on the horizon and nothing disturbs the view. The light is beautiful.

Six Senses Shaharut Israel

Sustainable materials and respect for nature: an eco-conscious luxury hotel

When you wake up, the 60 suites and villas that make up the hotel appear at the top of the hill. The very low constructions follow the movements of the valleys and mountains, forming wavy lines, integrating as much as possible into the landscape and merging with the color of the desert. Oriented to the wind, the houses are built with a material that preserves warmth in winter and freshness in summer. The low walls that wind along the streets are made of small yellow limestone stones and were hand-erected using an ancient method, with the stones being hand-cut and painstakingly put together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Six Senses Shaharut Israel

10 years of building for sustainable development

The owner, Ronny Duek It took him ten years to realize his dream, favoring local materials, the work of the neighboring population and small businesses, creating accommodation for hotel employees and, with the help of the architect Daniella Plesner, respecting the surrounding nature, with particular attention to the landscape.
The sixty suites and villas are laid out like small individual houses, with materials such as tadelakt, a traditional plaster, natural stones. Lines are smooth with no right angles and colors in harmony with the desert that stretches out behind large bay windows come in tones of white, ivory and cream, blending with the reclaimed wood of the desk, the brass of the bathtub. Furniture and accessories, carpets and fabrics are handcrafted in the style of Mount Edom, the Edomite and Nabeter peoples, always in symbiosis with the history of the region. The decoration involved local artisans, like this artist from the neighboring village, who created the earth-toned pottery found in the rooms and now works exclusively for the hotel.
Special mention for the Villa “La Reserve” which has 3 bedrooms, of which the master bedroom has an open plan bathroom with a large teak bathtub for two people, a very large living-dining room, a magnificent terrace with a swimming pool that offers a dream view of the desert.
Here waste is recycled, light is saved, water consumption reduced, user water waters the plants, a large vegetable garden has been established, sparkling and still water is bottled on site, no mineral water or plastic bottle offered, the hotel is a true self-contained oasis.

Six Senses Shaharut Israel

gourmet moments

Breakfast is a great gourmet moment. It is taken in the dining room, which opens onto a terrace with a splendid panorama. On the sideboards and the bar, local specialties are offered in abundance every morning: tasty cauliflower presented whole, melted and grilled with olive oil, many varied salads, vegetable pies that change daily, tabbouleh, tomatoes from the garden, vine leaves with fish, bread , olives, tahini mix with croissants and homemade bread, everything is natural and handpicked from local suppliers. The honey is presented in its cells straight from the hive, the juices are fresh, the fruits are bursting with sunshine. The bright colors of the dishes are pleasing to the eye.
Lunch and dinner are equally appetizing. Variations of local flavors, influenced by Mediterranean flavors from the Middle East or North Africa, accented by traditional dishes from Eastern Europe, Chef David Biton’s cuisine can be sampled in the hotel’s various restaurants. After working 7 years at Noma in Copenhagen and at the helm of the legendary King David Hotel in Jerusalem, he was voted Israel’s Chef of the Year 2019 by Gault & Millau.
at midian, In the main dining room, where breakfast and dinner are served, the cuisine is Israeli. L’Edom view offers a selection of mezes and snacks and once a week a selection of tajines on a Bedouin-style table d’hôte and grilled meats for sharing. Cocktails are served with tapas Jamilla bar sitting in deep leather armchairs, listening to the sounds of the desert on records that are part of one of the largest record collections in the world, which the owner has gradually built up and enriched
The winecellar has a table d’hôte and offers the possibility of preparing a tasting menu according to the wine selection of the sommelier Mathieu Brass, who has the ambition to become a reference in terms of Israeli wines and who has already begun to form the local cellar wines such as Soresh made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Petit Verdot and Merlot in the mountains of Judea, wine from Alpha & Omega, Chemin Blanc “Orange Wine” or Chardonnay from Afek Winery or Sauvignon Blanc from Midbar Winery in the Negev desert. Or Lewinsohn’s Papa Rouge Garage. It’s also time to discover the local Karat caviar accompanied by sesame and black rice crackers and the menu concocted by Chef David Biton: roasted sea bass with sumac and herbs, tuna in the snack, entrecôte, ultra tender, grilled and 30 days long matured, deliciously crispy salads, gourmet beans and peas, turnips from the garden, all products are ultra fresh and always from local producers.

Six Senses Shaharut Israel

A breathing and meditation session with the doctor subject, Ayurvedic Doctor is a good introduction to finding inner peace. After deep breathing, meditate to the sound of the Indian therapist’s voice. Some fall asleep, others let the tears flow. “It’s the impurities and toxins that go,” says Dr. Sujeet for deep well-being in search of peace and above all to treat yourself to a moment of tranquility… before taking a walk in the Negev desert to discover the beauties of the landscapes of the Red Canyon and its multitude of Thousand-year-old rock stuffed with iron that gives this incredible red-pink color, discover the local fauna and flora with Hein, the leader of the activities, like its sturdy acacia trees, its bushes with salt leaves that remind us that where the sea was, or take a camel ride across the plains from the camel farm set up near the hotel’s vegetable garden, visit Kiboutz Lotan, near the hotel, make your own scrub with natural ingredients and salt from the Dead Sea or do an outdoor yoga session, swim indoors or out, enjoy a cooking class or just get a massage and spa. Or wait until nightfall to discover the stars with a guide who will explain the constellations and take the time to reconnect with the elements. Here nature is pure and gives a soothing energy.

by Capucine Gougenheim Geagea and Plume Voyage

Six Senses Shaharut Israel

Exclusive Voyages offers

“Taking a tour of Israel and ending up at Six Senses Shaharut is the best combination after immersing yourself in Israeli culture, architecture and history. The desert is a world in itself, nature is pure and gives you a lot of energy. says Sophie Arbib, co-founder of Exclusif Voyages.

Single package:
Price from €3,820 per person from Paris including: International flights A/R Paris / Tel Aviv in Economy Class with Air France, Fast Track on arrival and departure in Tel Aviv, Transfers A/R in a private vehicle from Tel Aviv Airport to Hotel, 3 nights in a “Panorama Suite” at Six Senses Shaharut, breakfast, discovery of the Red Canyon with a private local guide.

Travel package:
Price from €7,970 per person from Paris including: International return flight Paris / Tel Aviv in Economy Class with Air France, Fast Track on arrival and departure in Tel Aviv, all transfers and travel by private vehicle, 2 nights in a “Deluxe Room” at Norman Tel Aviv, 2 nights in an “Executive” room at Mamilla Jerusalem, 3 nights in a “Panorama Suite” at Six Senses Shaharut, Breakfast everywhere, 3 days private sightseeing tours with English speaking guide in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Masada/Dead Sea and a Red Canyon discovery with a private local guide.

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