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O Google is a leading American multinational technology company focused on artificial intelligence, search engines, online advertising, cloud computing, computer software, quantum computing, commercial electronics and consumer electronics.

Because of this, it is very common for people to enter personal information into Google. Despite, It is possible to delete them and thus prevent sensitive data from falling into the hands of criminals. The platform allows anyone to submit a content removal request. Therefore, it ensures control and privacy of search results.

So check it out below How to remove your email address, phone number and address from Google search. The procedure can be done through a web browser on the computer or on Android and iOS phones.

Google page for deleting personal data.

  1. access to Google request page delete the information;
  2. the options « Delete information found in Google search“e”In Google search results and on a website is already predefined;
  3. Then check” No, I’d rather not. ” or ” simulator » ;
  4. After that, check the first option in the list: “ Personal data such as identification numbers and private documents » ;
  5. Next, choose the type of personal information you want to remove from Google.
  6. When you’re done, fill out the form. Depending on the type of information you need to send some pictures of the document, URLs of the pages whose data you want to remove, in addition to the search terms that appear in the search;
  7. Next, Check the box confirm the accuracy of the information;
  8. Finally, press ” Send to complete the process.

Ahh, that’s important to mention Google allows sending up to 1,000 links to remove personal information from searches. Even all links can be added in one form.

Which personal data can I delete from Google?

Personal documents like CPF are data that you can ask Google to remove from search engines.

In summary, Google considers the following data for deletion:

  • Documents and Identification Numbers (CPF);
  • physical addresses;
  • phone numbers;
  • emails;
  • login details;
  • bank account numbers;
  • credit card numbers;
  • images of handwritten signatures;
  • photographs of identity documents;
  • Records of medical appointments, examinations, official documents, etc

Which data is not deleted by Google?

Journalist profiles are publicly available and Google recommends that this data remains available in internet search engines.

In short, Google retains access to information if it believes the content is in the public interest. Including:

  • Contained in or from governmental and other official sources;
  • journalistic content;
  • Relevant content for professionals.

I have sent the request to delete my data. And now?

Whether your request to remove your personal information is approved by Google or not, the company will send you an automated confirmation email. Once this is done, it’s Google’s turn to analyze the request based on the completed form.

If necessary, the company may ask you to resubmit the deletion request with more details. If the submitted links fall within the scope of Google’s removal policy, all reported content will be removed from search.

On the other hand, if the command does not meet the requirements, Google will send you a new email with a brief explanation. If you want, you can place a new order again. In the meantime, if Google agrees to remove URLs after reviewing the form, links to your personally identifiable information will no longer appear in Google search results.

Finally, it is important to mention that the requested content is only removed from Google search, not from the web. That means other people can still find the content on the page it’s hosted on, on social media, or in other online search engines.

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