Djibril Sow peut aspirer à encore plus de considération en équipe de Suisse. Quitte à occuper un poste différent?

What if the Europa League changed everything for Djibril Sow?


The Zurich midfielder, who won the second European Cup with Eintracht Frankfurt, could remain in charge this summer. With the ambition to be an integral part of the Swiss team.

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(Bad Ragaz)

Djibril Sow could wish for more consideration in the Swiss team. Even if it means taking a different position?

fresh focus

The circle is closed. During ten days, Djibril Sow gained access to this small table of the Swiss European Cup winners. Of course not with the same service as Stéphane Chapuisat (Borussia Dortmund, 1997), Ciriaco Sforza (Bayern Munich, 2001) and Xherdan Shaqiri (Bayern 2013 and Liverpool 2019), who were entitled to touch in the Champions League. But still: Only Sforza (Bayern 1996) and Stéphane Henchoz (Liverpool 2001) had won the Europa League, formerly known as the UEFA Cup, ahead of Zurichgrew up at Eintracht Frankfurt May 19th.

It is therefore only crowned by this grandiose victory added by the midfielder the Swiss team this weekend. With the need to restart the machine as he hadn’t trained since beating Rangers: “Fatigue is there, yes, he admits. Because it was a great season that ended with a huge moment. There were many emotions, there were incredible celebrations in the city. Nobody will be able to forget that, I saw a lot of tears running down my cheeks. But now we have to concentrate on the national team, there are interesting games coming up.”

Ambitious in selection

With four Nations League games (in the Czech Republic, Portugal and against Spain and Portugal in Geneva) Djibril Sow could play a role. There will definitely be a rotation he’ll be included in, although he’s not usually the first midfielder. But with the euphoria of winning the Europa League and especially the leading role he has played at the club all season (“I’ve become even more of a leader this season”), Murat Yakin can rest assured that he’s on can count him in games at a high level.

Djibril Sow has played an important role at Eintracht Frankfurt all season.  Like here in the Europa League final against Glasgow Rangers.

Djibril Sow has played an important role at Eintracht Frankfurt all season. Like here in the Europa League final against Glasgow Rangers.

fresh focus

“You have to be patient and make sure that the coach’s decisions are becoming more and more complicated,” Sau wants to be modest. However, he has never blown up the screen in the national team. Whether alongside Granit Xhaka or in his place, he always struggled to express himself in the best possible way. Shall we find him a bespoke role?

“Eintracht is a special club, so I really have to leave because there is an extraordinary opportunity.”

Djibril Sow, Swiss international

During a public training session in Bad Ragaz (SG) on Saturday, Murat Yakin revealed another idea: in addition to the usual regular players, Sow (26 caps) was used as a right midfielder in the intended 4-4 game. 2 from the coach. With a mainly defensive and more axial role, of course, but perfectly capable of asserting itself in transition. And whether the solution would be to exploit the full potential of the 25-year-old from Zurich?

The Champions League makes you think

Because for the latter it is probably time to reproduce the performances achieved in the Bundesliga in the national jersey. In Germany, Sow is a player that counts. For example, he is one of the most defensively active midfielders (interception, pressure on the opposing carrier) in the championship. And it awakens desires. His name was recently associated with Leipzig, for example: “I know that Eintracht is a special club, so it really has to be that there is an extraordinary opportunity that I leave because there is an extraordinary opportunity,” he explains Ex-Young Boys player who’s contract until 2024.

It has to be said that the reflection has taken on a different dimension since winning the Europa League. The latter qualifies Frankfurt directly for the Champions League: “A lot will change because it will be the first participation in the club’s history and I want us to be able to achieve great things in the Champions League. I’m delighted.” Which clarifies his future a bit. And take the opportunity to heal his status in the selection.

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