The Stones confirm their ticket to Liverpool

In the cave of the “Reds”, which is also the city of their ancestral rivals, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones will celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary with rock on Thursday.

sixty years. The trip Sixty, which proudly highlights the age of the group, makes a more symbolic stop than the others on Thursday 9 June among the fourteen dates of the European tour. The Rolling Stones play at Anfield Stadium, the legendary home of Liverpool footballers. The players and trainers of the “Red” Vice European Champion are also invited to the concert. And stadium subscribers have benefited from priority ticketing. Mick Jagger, football fan and staunch supporter of England’s national team, hosted it in person.

But Liverpool is also home to the other iconic group in rock history, albeit much more ephemeral. In the mid-1960s, the age of listening to the radio or flipping a coin on the jukebox, humanity was divided into two camps: the Beatles fans – four boys in the wind, pretty clean – and the hardcore A Band vulgar and utterly rare drinker, the Rolling Stones. A “rivalry” invented by the music press of the time because the artists of the two groups were more committed to friendship in real life.

calmed down,
always green

And then the Beatles, who didn’t have a humble idea of ​​themselves, weren’t always very kind to their fans, while the Stones weren’t such bad boys. Her sympathy for the devil was purely metaphorical.
So sixty years have passed since the first angry guitar riffs of Keith Richards answered the catchy melodies of Lennon and McCartney. For the Beatles, the musical adventure ended in 1970, a veritable global cultural revolution. Water also flowed under the “rolling stones”. Brian Jones died in 1969, Ian Stewart in 1985. Guitarist Mick Taylor and then bassist Bill Wyman threw in the towel from frenzied touring and their endless nights out. For his part, historical drummer Charlie Watts died last August at the age of 80.
Formed in 1962, only two remain: the author and the composer, inseparable rivals who together form a whole chapter in contemporary music history. Sir Michael Philip “Mick” Jagger, who turns 79 next month, keeps this stunning physique that appears to be made of unchanging rubber. Wasp waist, swaying teenager, he has long since broken with excesses and frequents the dance hall. Anyone who spent their family holidays at the Île d’Or campsite in Amboise (Indre-et-Loire) as a child is a lover of the Loire Valley. He has owned a property there for over forty years, where he and the band regularly stay and record.
Keith Richards, 78, is the other “Taulier.” His abuse of all kinds has long earned him a reputation, but he, too, has settled down and maintains a fairly honorable physical form for someone who has been foretold about an imminent end for six decades. Richards is above all an outstanding guitarist, nurtured by blues roots, with relentless riffs and learned tunings. Of satisfaction at Jumpin Jack Flashwe recognize his label, firmly rooted in the legend of rock.

three brits
and two Americans

Next to them, the others look like more or less juvenile spots. The most established in this category is undoubtedly second guitarist Ronnie Wood, 75 years old. He is a painter in his spare time, notoriously crazy, according to his accomplice Keith Richards, who says a lot about the specimen. “a luscious mix of talent and bullshit”. He survived lung cancer in 2017 and joined the Stones in 1975. In addition to the three Brits, two Americans have been there since 1994: bassist Darryl Jones, 61, is there. Steve Jordan, 65, knows a late consecration to his long career as a drummer as Charlie Watts’ successor in 2021.
If the group never stopped producing records and songs, they haven’t released a real world hit since. start me in 1981. The fame of the Rolling Stones is not over yet, far from it! The only all-styles formation in the world capable of filling stadiums by the dozen on every continent, the Stones remain one of, if not the finest, “money machine” in the entertainment industry. A kind of moving museum of music history, rhythmic as hell.
The European tour ends on July 31st. In France, they will be on display in Lyon on July 19th and at the Paris-Longchamps circuit on July 23rd street fighter plays a stone throw (which rolls). Penny Lane

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