Rendre les cils plus fournis en un clin d’œil? C’est très simple, à condition de savoir comment s’y prendre.

Beauty tips: 7 make-up tips that we wish we had known earlier

Make eyelashes fuller in no time? It’s very simple provided you know how to do it.

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These little tips will save you time and money. You just have to know them.

Whether from a good friend, parents or the vastness of the Internet, there is simple advice for all areas of life. As soon as we know them, they are quickly registered. The only problem is the path to follow. Regarding makeup That’s why we’re one step ahead and sharing seven tips you absolutely need to know.

Apply makeup with your fingers

Are you a fan of the brush or rather the sponge? It doesn’t matter because your foundation only looks truly natural when you apply it with your fingers. Because they don’t absorb the product, you’ll need a lot less makeup. Thanks to the body heat, the foundation also melts perfectly with the skin – provided you have chosen the right shade, because…

Test the foundation on your chin, shoulders or décolleté

… the test of a make-up product is not optimal if it is carried out on the back of the hand. The complexion of the face is much closer to the shoulders or cleavage. In order not to make a mistake, we test the product directly on the face. A drop of makeup between the chin and neck will indicate if it’s the right shade.

Leave the concealer on

Want to camouflage your under-eye circles without having the putty look? The trick is not to put foundation around your eyes, just use concealer. A small amount of product on the inner and outer corner of the eye is sufficient.

Also, give your concealer a minute to set before blending. It warms your face so it blends extra well into the skin so you need less product. In addition, the same principle also works for blush and contouring with a cream foundation.

Eyeliner with eyeshadow

Whether kajal or eyeliner, Some products just don’t hold and tend to slip annoyingly into the crease of the eyelid or onto the brow bone. To avoid this and to make the eyeliner last longer, apply it with an eyeshadow in a similar tone and at the same time smooth out small imperfections with the powder colour. Colored eyeliner such as pink or yellow or lighter shades can also be intensified with this technique.

Use duct tape

Certainly, delineating eyeshadow with masking tape is no secret. But even if you’ve heard of it, now is the time to try this technique. The effect works particularly well if the eye shadow is gently blended upwards and the sharp edge is only used to lengthen the lower lash line. Your eyeshadow application will never be the same again.

thicken eyelashes

Tired of applying your mascara 20 times? Here’s a quick trick. Start by applying a layer on the upper lashes, then take some transparent loose powder with a soft brush and apply a little to the still damp lashes. Run the mascara through again immediately afterwards. Deer eyes guaranteed.

Focus on color

The days of heavily made-up eyebrows are over. In 2022, arches should look natural above all. Instead of redrawing them every day, count on coloring every 15 days. With a little practice it’s very easy and you can find suitable kits for just a few francs. In the morning, all you have to do is apply a little colorless gel to the eyebrows to give them the right shape.

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