Mosimann is looking forward to mixing at the Venoge Festival


Mosiman“Most of the DJs who will play at Venoge are friends”

Mosimann is more motivated than ever to set fire to the Penthaz Festival (VD) on Friday, August 19, 2022.

Mosimann is working on a big show with which he will go on tour in 2023.

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The talent behind the decks of the 34-year-old Franco-Swiss DJ is well established. Mosimann has wowed audiences on almost every famous dance floor on the planet with his technique and precision in mixing, as well as his selection of feel-good electronic tunes. It will continue to be seen Venoge Festival River Stage Friday, August 19, 2022 from 7:15 p.m

What does this date mean to you?

I’m always happy to come back to Switzerland. Not only is the audience great, but it’s also an opportunity to come home to German-speaking Switzerland, change my suitcase and help my father in the creperie. It brings me back to earth before I go back on tour. Also, I played very little here in 2022. For the last ten years I have always been on the MAD boat (note: Lake Geneva cruise organized by MAD every year) but as I had almost become captain of the boat we decided to take a short break.

Speaking of MAD, you’ll be mixing right after its co-director Igor Blaska.

It’s perfect! Not only will he heat up the audience, he’s also a friend. I’m even more excited about Venoge as most of the DJs that spin there on Fridays are friends. It’s rare that we all come together like this at a festival. I will be running in all directions to see all my friends shows as soon as the doors open as my Synapson friends are playing super early.

Do you prefer to play at a festival or in a club?

This is a difficult question. I get as much enjoyment from a sweaty club of 500 people where I can spend three hours stirring the sauce and taking the audience on a journey as I do at a festival where the practice is very different and complex. The artists only perform for an hour and everyone does their best. So when it’s your turn to pick up the audience, they’re already full of energy and emotion. We must be able to make it vibrate further, vibrate even more. It is a challenge.

Do you prepare your DJ sets?

no If you come to me ten times in a row, it will be ten times different. My biggest work is upstream when I’m researching songs. Of course I prefer new things. Since I’m hyper productive, I also play my latest productions and my remixes.

What equipment will you be on stage with?

In 2022 I’m going on tour with the basic equipment: turntable, a keyboard and a microphone so I can sing. I’ll be back in 2023 with a totally crazy new scenography. It will be presented for the first time on November 5, 2022 at the Olympia. It’s going to be very different from what I’ve shown so far, while also being very true to who I am. This Paris date will be a pivotal moment for the rest of my career. I know I have no room for error, it’s exciting.

You are going through a busy month of August.

He doesn’t have enough days (laughs). Apart from preparing for the Olympics, which is a monster job, I also work on the albums of Patrick Bruel, Claudio Capéo and others. We’re on the road again with Grand Corps Malade (Note: Mosimann accompanies him on keyboards and vocals during the “Mesdames” tour, record he composed). Yes, I’m a bit of a workaholic on the fringes.

The Unicorn: 16:15 Synapson, 18:00 Bon Entendeur, 19:00 Mercer, 20:00 Bakermat, 21:00 Ofenbach, 22:00 Kungs, 23:00 Joachim Garraud, 24:00 Don Diablo

river stage: 4pm El Presidente & El Companero, 5:15pm Trinix, 6:15pm Igor Blaska, 7:15pm Mosimann, 8:15pm Nora en Pure, 9:15pm Faithless DJ Set, 10:15pm Claptone, 11 :45 am Purple Disco Machine, 1 hour Bob Sinclar

Swiss talent: 18:00 Etienne Machine, 19:30 Djerem, 20:45 Yad, 22:00 Assym, 23:00 Miss Tyk, 00:00 Philip Morax, 1:00 TicTacTec

The Rotunda: 1h El Presidente

Info & ticket office:

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