Google Pixel 7: Face recognition could be back

Could the Pixel 7 sign the big return of Face Unlock facial recognition? According to a leak, Google is actually still working on its biometric technology.

face recognition Face Unlock could make a comeback on Pixel series smartphones. According to the latest information from our colleagues at 9to5Google, Google is still working on facial recognition in anticipation of future Pixels. All eyes are obviously on the Pixel 7, the next generation of premium phones from the brand.

For the memory, Face Unlock appeared on Pixel 4 in 2019. When we tested the Pixel 4, we found the phone’s facial recognition to be very effective. It only takes a few seconds to unlock the touchscreen and access the Android interface.

In order to reduce the production costs of its devices, Google ignored this technology with the Pixel 5. By reducing certain features, the brand has lowered the price of the phone to make it more competitive. Despite their more upscale approach The Pixel 6 is also deprived of Face Unlock. In its latest flagships, the brand slips against an under-screen fingerprint reader for the first time.

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Why Google didn’t add facial recognition to the Pixel 6 Pro

The 9to5Google article also goes into the reasons that led Google to do this Do not integrate Face Unlock on Pixel 6. However, a plethora of rumors suggests that facial recognition will eventually end up on smartphones. A leaked promotional image and Play Store page even confirmed the feature’s return just before launch.

According to several sources familiar with the matter, Google only wanted to integrate facial recognition on the Pixel 6 Pro. The smartphone, unlike the standard edition, has a double front photo sensor with autofocus. From a hardware point of view, the device is fully compatible with Face Unlock. In order to work without the Pixel 4’s Soli radar, however, Face Unlock had to rely on the performance of the Tensor processor in terms of artificial intelligence, the strength of the chip developed by Google.

Shortly before launching in fall 2021, the Mountain View company changed their mind. However, the option was functional, reveals 9to5Google. According to the media, Google feared that facial recognition was not precise enough. Engineers also feared Face Unlock would cut corners Battery life of the smartphone.

Long after the phones launched, multiple leaks indicated that Google was planning to add facial recognition through an update. The option appeared in particular in the code of a beta version of Android 12 reserved for pixels. The lines actually referred to the ability to ” face or fingerprint to unlock the terminal.

Face unlock back soon?

Since the under-screen fingerprint sensor was too slow and not very effective, many users even asked Google to add another biometric unlock method. The fingerprint sensor has indeed been piling up bugs in the months following the Pixel 6’s arrival in stores. Despite the customer complaints, It didn’t happen. The company was content to fix the fingerprint reader through several updates. To justify the slowness of the sensor, Google mentioned the presence ” improved security algorithms »who ” Verification may take longer or require more direct contact.” with your finger.

If the information from 9to5Google is confirmed, Google not bury its facial recognition technology. There is still hope that the option will be integrated into the Pixel 7. Also note that the new Tensor chip that will power the smartphones will be less power intensive. This consumption reduction could convince Google to give its facial recognition technology a chance. The chip would also improve in the field of artificial intelligence, which should also speak for the return of Face Unlock.

The Pixel 7 announcement isn’t expected before fall. If Google sticks to its launch schedule, the presentation of smartphones should take place in the month of October 2022. Available in two models, the phones will largely adopt the design of the Pixel 6. At the same time, Google is set to unveil its first Pixel Watch, the long-awaited Connected Watch.

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