Dall’Igna’s pride after another ‘big win’ for Ducati

Fifteen years after Ducati’s lone MotoGP title, the Stoner-era stats are finally beginning to falter race after race. The Italian manufacturer is reaping the rewards with every Grand Prix that surpasses its all-time record, particularly with an ongoing streak of 19 consecutive podium finishes. On Sunday in Austria, Pecco Bagnaia became the first Ducati rider to win three consecutive times since Casey Stoner in 2008, enough to add even more excitement to the Borgo Panigale group.

Before giving in to a premature exuberance of confidence, Gigi Dall’Igna is all about expressing her pride as her team begins to reap the rewards of years of work. A long journey that ended in 2016 with almost six years without a win, which then, with Andrea Dovizioso, made it possible to resist a Márquez-Honda pairing, but which remained at the top of its game for three years and which today Ducati makes the benchmark on the bed.

A milestone was undeniably passed last year as Jack Miller stringed together successes at Jerez and Le Mans, two circuits which, according to his DNA to date, have been on the Desmosedici blacklist. And the trend accelerated again in the second part of the championship as Pecco Bagnaia found his way to victory. With historic hat-tricks in qualifying and then in the race, the brand then multiplied its presence at the front and the streak continued this year until it was no longer surprising.

In Austria last weekend, Ducati placed four machines at the front of the grid and secured another double podium at the very track that ended food shortages six years ago. His leader has also confirmed that he is now a solid contender for the title, he who suffered severe disappointments during the first part of the championship. With three wins in a row, he has fallen to Fabio Quartararo since last month.

“A great victory, the fruit of talent and absolute determination”, say hello to Gigi Dall’Igna after this success, the brand’s eighth of the season. “A race dominated from the start, very coveted and finished by an exceptional Pecco. A third consecutive win for him, making it the fifth time this season, after a race run as a true champion. Important numbers that fully explain where the bike and rider are located.”

“But Ducati as a whole has been an incredible protagonist with four bikes in the top five – a result that would have been even more extraordinary without the skill of our indomitable opponents,” emphasizes the general manager of Ducati Corse, pointing to Fabio Quartararo’s second place, the only rock in the Reds’ boots this weekend.

“I am also, or perhaps most importantly, very pleased with the hard work that our engineers have put in in their constant quest to improve and refine our bikes. I think it’s important to thank them and tell them how much I appreciate the remarkable work done by the boys and girls at Ducati Corse.”

Gigi Dall’Igna, General Manager Ducati Corse

A “single regret”, the fall of Bastianini

“The only regret is for Enea, who won his first pole position in MotoGP,” adds Gigi Dall’Igna. “It was only bad luck that stopped him too early because the rim hit the curb and he retired, although he would certainly have been a worthy competitor in this race.”

Enea Bastianini actually managed to dominate qualifying for the first time since entering the category, beating Bagnaia at the post. The latter caught up to him as the lights went out, quickly taking control to try to set his pace and not far behind the Gresini rider who was battling Jorge Martín. The fight that broke out between the two men attracted all the more attention as we know that they will be judged by Ducati for being awarded the second handlebar in the official team next year, a choice that will be announced at Misano or even at Misano will before.

After #23 retired, Martín ended up in third place hoping to return to the podium for the first time since Barcelona. However, his persistence behind Jack Miller led him to two errors: a first that opened the door for Quartararo just after half, then a second that caused him to fall early in the last lap and risked taking Miller with him. Gigi Dall’Igna does not comment on this mistake, which has been widely criticized by the Australian…

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