Post Covid occupational medicine: subsidies to Ascom companies

The collaboration between Ascom-Confcommercio Treviso and the Giovanni XXIII hospital in Monastier continues, a leading healthcare facility at Veneto and national level. In addition to the existing agreement concerning discounts for members and their families for all general health services, there is now a new alliance to guarantee associated companies the occupational health service for owners and employees.

Many companies, in fact, need the occupational health service, but the costs are high and the times are long because the medical offices active in the sector are relatively few compared to the needs of the territory. Not to mention the long waiting lists in public facilities, struggling with the recovery of post-Covid emergencies. In the world of commerce, tourism and services, the risks to the health of workers are relatively low, but all professional figures in the tertiary sector need a health check: from simple visual checks for video terminals, to spirometry, to medical examinations with control of the rachis for clerks and counter staff, to blood chemistry tests for those who work with pallets and forklifts, up to ECG, checks, vestibular examinations, audiometry for drivers and so on. Of particular interest is the examination performed with the ergospirometer, a machine that the nursing home is equipped with, which is particularly important for the evaluation of pulmonary function in the post-Covid period. The obligations on companies to ensure the regularity of their employees are many and the basic expenditure varies from a minimum of 40 euros per visit for the least exposed person to a maximum of about 200 euros depending on the job for which one is hired. . Thanks to the agreement, every company can count on a 10% discount on each rate. Overall, especially in the case of groups of workers, savings become substantial.

Still on the subject of health in the workplace, it should be remembered that the companies registered with EBiCom, the bilateral body of the tertiary sector (always part of the Confcommercio system), and in compliance with the payments to the body, can obtain a refund of 50% ( with a maximum of 25 euros per visit) of the health assessment costs of employees for the following medical examinations:

  • first visit, periodic visits;
  • audiometry;
  • spirometry;
  • electrocardiogram;
  • ergophthalmological evaluation;
  • clinical-functional evaluation of the spine;
  • eye screening.

The statement, with the invoices of the expenses incurred, must be requested from EbiCom within 30 days from the date of payment of the invoice. In addition to these packages, there is a reimbursement of 75 euros / hour for the intervention of the competent doctor in the company, during the periodic safety meeting or in the event of inspections by the control bodies.


“We wanted to give a concrete signal to our companies, today struggling with the reopening and with the first phase of the post-pandemic – says the director of Ascom Confcommercio, Vincenzo Monaco -. Safety at work is an imperative value that goes far beyond the restrictions and cautions of Covid. With this agreement we not only remind companies of the importance of regular checks, but we reaffirm the essentiality of prevention and safety in the company, in the shop or in any office. With the persistent shortage of doctors, being able to count on the presence of the doctor in the company is not a trivial matter “.

“In a historical period in which it was realized how important health is, this convention aims to provide company owners with a valid prevention tool to offer to their collaborators and their families. and look to the future with more serenity because, working knowing that we are well and that our loved ones are also well, makes the activity more relaxed and productive – he concludes Matteo Geretto, development and communication manager of the “Giovanni XXIII” hospital in Monastier -. Furthermore, offering a range of services and opportunities for the employee becomes a virtuous corporate welfare tool for attracting those professionals who are increasingly difficult to find today “.

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