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Publishing books, comics etc – Anne Frank perennial diarist, Hagrildur, Mimi Cracra and also Ian

Anne Frank eternal diarist, Hagrildur, Mimi Cracra and Ian too

Anne Frank, born in 19, had many connections to Switzerland, especially to Basel, where her foundation is based.

Anne Frank, her dear diary

“I’m sentimental, I know it… I’m desperate and unreasonable, I know it too”

Anne Frank to her imaginary friend Kitty

In addition to various archives, from his resistant friends, his family etc., readings, plays etc., a cartoon was created in 2021 that tells this unique fate, by the Israeli filmmaker Ari Folman,
Superb clothbound edition by Calmann-Lévy to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the first appearance of the

Hagrildur the Brave, his heroic gesture

Hagrildur, not yet a knight but already a vigilante debunking prejudice and other preconceived notions...
In her biography, Sandrine Bonini states that she was born in a car on a snowy winter evening.  Enough to protect her from all evildoers and give her a sense of boldness...

Ian Davenport, Child Ghostbuster

Two volumes already in favor of Mara for a series that should have 4.
Innovative frames to catch ghosts.
And always cut out squares in rhythm.

Mimi Cracra, universal child

Agnès Rosenstiel, the soul of a mischievous little girl...
Mimi Cracra, quite a poem!
Created in 1986, the Cheeky is still rolling!

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