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Until a few years ago, VPNs were reserved for professional use. But today, things have changed a lot, and the VPN is a must-have for any self-respecting internet user. This software protects you from the risks of hacking, usurpation and espionage by protecting your personal information and online privacy.

But the benefits of a VPN go further, such as offering you thousands of servers around the world so you can avoid geo-blocking and censorship. And to take advantage of all this at a reduced price, three renowned providers are lowering their prices. Let’s start by showing you the NordVPN deal for just €2.89 per month.

Check out what NordVPN has to offer

Promo at NordVPN: Subscription for €2.89 per month

The number 1 offer in our ranking is NordVPN. This software was created in 2012 and since then it has developed impressively to attract more and more users. For this purpose, NordVPN offers a high-quality application compatible with the main operating systems (Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux). Also note that this VPN is perfect for beginners.

The VPN also allows you to connect up to 6 devices simultaneously with a single subscription. With a single click you can activate NordVPN, which instantly encrypts your browsing data and hides your IP address.

This makes you anonymous on the web (which is much more efficient than surfing privately in your web browser) and protects you from the risks of online hacking and spying.

From this application you also have access to more than 5,400 servers in 60 countries around the world. By connecting to one of them, you change your virtual location. Here’s how to bypass geoblocks and access new content, especially Netflix. It also works on game servers, download sites or websites from other countries.

And currently, NordVPN offers you the opportunity to benefit from all of this cheaply. The provider is showing -60% instant discount on the subscription over two years. The latter therefore goes from €174.96 to just €69.36 to be paid all at once. The monthly costs for the VPN change as a result and drop from €7.29 to €2.89.

Don’t miss this opportunity to equip yourself.

Grab what NordVPN has to offer

An unbeatable monthly rate of €1.99 at CyberGhost

To continue our spike, we stop at CyberGhost VPN, which shows the lowest price right now. The VPN is available for only €1.99 per month instead of €11.99 thanks to an exceptional offer.

The 3-year subscription of the software even benefits from an instant 83% discount plus 3 additional months for free. You are therefore covered for 39 instead of 36 months at the individual rate of €77.61 instead of €467. This action is all the more advantageous because CyberGhost is a VPN whose quality can no longer be proven.

For your safety, this software creates a secure VPN tunnel to protect your personal information and prevent it from being read by others. At the same time, CyberGhost hides your IP address and allows you to replace it with a new, fictitious one. The latter can be located in 91 different countries thanks to the more than 8,000 servers that the VPN has around the world.

To access all of this, the CyberGhost application is very easy to learn. It adapts to all your devices (computer, tablet, smartphone, console, router, smart TV) and allows up to 7 simultaneous connections per account. So you can equip your whole family at no extra charge and even help out your friends if necessary.

Enjoy the benefits of CyberGhost quickly at a great price thanks to this unique discount.

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The famous ExpressVPN appears for only €6.54 monthly

If you’re looking for a deal to use the #1 VPN on the market (ExpressVPN) at a great price, look no further, it’s here. In fact, this provider is currently offering all their new customers a 49% discount and 3 months free on their 1-year subscription.

This offer therefore extends your total subscription to 15 months for only €97.96. Knowing that in normal times you have to factor in more than €190, this is a great saving that is being offered to you. Monthly, this means a price drop for the VPN from €12.69 to just €6.54.

And even at this price point, ExpressVPN is still the best. This software ensures your security by encrypting your browsing data and hiding your IP address. This protects you from piracy, but also allows you to surf anonymously.

But if ExpressVPN stands out, it’s also thanks to its wide geographic coverage. The VPN is present in 94 countries worldwide and gives you access to a total of 160+ VPN locations. In this way you can thwart any geo-blocking, but also override the censorship practiced by certain governments. You also have access to French content and services when traveling abroad.

Know that these benefits are accessible anywhere thanks to the ExpressVPN application compatible with the main operating systems (Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux). Apple TVs can also use the VPN after a small manipulation for configuration. Here you benefit from 5 simultaneous connections thanks to your subscription.

Take advantage of what ExpressVPN has to offer

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