The Rodecaster Pro 2 is an integrated audio production console like no other

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(Pocket-lint) – Rode has unveiled the Rodecaster Pro 2, which is said to be a ‘breakthrough’ of the original Rodecaster Pro. It is an integrated audio production console designed for content creators, streamers, podcasters, musicians and others.

The feature set makes it clear that this is a device that sings and dances at will and can be used for all sorts of things. You can increase the quality of your production with a well thought-out package that is packed with performance and promise.

As you can see from the picture, the Rodecaster Pro 2 offers nine different channels with six hardware faders, three virtual faders and multiple inputs for various devices including XLR microphones, guitars, gaming PCs and many more. You can throw all types of audio into the mix, including Bluetooth devices, 3.5mm connections, smartphones and more, then monitor the audio from each source separately.

Rode claims to have improved the Rodecaster Pro 2 in many ways, the most notable being an upgraded industrial grade preamp, delivering a clean signal with more preamp gain than the original Rodecaster Pro. So it works with more mics, even gain-hungry ones like the Shure SM7B.

It’s designed to be easy to use, with a smart setup wizard to help you get great sound right away, but also the ability to tweak all sorts of settings to improve your sound. It features a 1.5GHz quad-core audio engine that can process multiple elements simultaneously and produce ultra-low noise to improve sound quality.

The Rodecaster Pro 2 works with different microphones and also has several pre-programmed (e.g. Rode Podcaster, Procaster, NT1) so you can switch to which microphone you are using to get great sound straight away. There are also various pre-programmed treatments and effects that are easy to apply. As you’d expect, these advanced settings include a compressor, de-esser, noise gate, high-pass filter, EQ settings, exciter, and more.

To fine-tune the sound, there’s Aphex onboard audio processing, which includes settings for Auditory Exciter, Big Bottom, Compressor, Noise Gate, High Pass Filter, EQ, and many onboard effects. At the hardware level, there are dedicated buttons called Smart Pads that can be programmed for all sorts of things, including sound effect pages, ducking settings, live sampling of audio, and more. .

One of the features that impressed us the most was the backchanneling option, which allows users to talk to each other without it appearing in the recording or live stream to manage production on the fly.

Other highlights include the ability to record directly to a MicroSD or SSD card via USB, as well as PC recording or streaming. There are also useful “Show Settings” for people who create different types of content. So if you’re streaming, gaming, podcasting, or listening to music from the same device but using different settings for each, you can set different “exposure settings” for each and easily switch from one to the other.

The Rodecaster Pro 2 seems to be a content creator’s dream and an incredibly useful device. It’s available to pre-order now on Rode’s website for $699 and will ship in June.

Written by Adrian Willings.

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