Elizabeth II private: “I looked at her, she looked at me and just smiled”


Elizabeth II private“I looked at her, she looked at me and just smiled”

Mischievous, impressive, comforting or even mocking: personalities tell their anecdotes and personal memories of the queen.

Elizabeth II died Thursday at the age of 96.


After this Death of Elizabeth IIseveral personalities – from famous politicians to Daniel Craig aka James Bond – shared some personal anecdotes about their meeting with the sovereign, a reflection of their keen sense of humor or duty.

Theresa May and one or two cheeses

Former Prime Minister Theresa May made Members of Parliament laugh when she told them about her misadventure that happened while she was out on a picnic on Friday the Queenat his Scottish estate Balmoral, where she died. “We all got our hands dirty setting the table. I took a piece of cheese, put it on a plate and then brought it to the table,” she explains, when suddenly “the cheese fell on the floor.” “I had a split second to make my decision: I took the cheese, put it on the plate and placed it on the table.” “When I turned around, I found that Her Majesty had observed all my gestures very carefully,” said Theresa May. “I looked at her. She looked at me and just smiled,” the former prime minister added, adding, “The cheese stayed on the table.”

Fake skydiver and real flying ace

Boris Johnson, Theresa May’s successor, has also told Parliament about the jokes he shared with the Queen and how she used to “wow” tourists. One of her favorite anecdotes is the humorous video broadcast for the opening of the London 2012 Olympics, in which the Queen plays herself with her beloved corgis and actor Daniel Craig as James Jump. “I remember her innocent delight (…) after the opening ceremony, when I told her that a leader of a friendly country in the Middle East actually seemed to think she had jumped out of a helicopter in a pink dress and parachuted into the Stadium,” he revealed at the end of this video. The former Conservative leader also gave an “eyewitness” account of how he saw the Queen “drive her car herself, without a policeman or bodyguard, and cross the Scottish countryside at an alarming speed”. All before “the most utter amazement of the hikers and tourists we met!”


A queen consoling some fallen politicians…

Labor MP Harriet Harman trusted the Queen to comfort her after losing her post as Minister in 1998. “When I was fired, my schedule was empty and I never got a call,” she said. “My team was surprised when I got a call from Buckingham Palace: nobody wanted anything to do with me anymore, but the Queen wanted to see me!” Before the end: “I was invited to have tea with the Queen, to thank me for my work”.

… and ironically with others about her fall

For his part, former leader of the opposition Labor Party Ed Miliband, who resigned in 2015 after a bitter defeat in the general election, recounted how Elizabeth II kindly joked with him about his fall. “While my career was taking off, my wife was taking off and she was made a dame,” he explained, so they “were both invited to the palace to meet His Majesty.” “When we saw each other, His Majesty looked at me and said, ‘Oh, it’s you, what are you doing here?’, knowing full well why I was there,” he recalled before the British Parliament. “We had a wonderful conversation at the time and there she was, at 93, still full of panache, panache and humor,” he added.

96 cannon shots in honor of Elizabeth II

James Bond’s face mocked

Daniel Craig, the last actor to play British secret agent James Bond on screen, told US television how the Queen teased him during a photo shoot for his always serious look: “We had our picture taken and she said, ‘Oh no , it is he who does not smile. Very good !””


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