Astuces efficaces sur Wizishop pour optimiser votre boutique en ligne

6 SEO tips for Wizishop to properly optimize your online store. – Latest news

WiziShop e-commerce solution is designed to create online stores. It ticked all the boxes in terms of usability, design and most importantly SEO. In fact, WiziShop’s e-commerce solution includes several standard elements. However, it is impossible to stand out in search engine results without first optimizing your website. There are techniques that help search engines understand what each page of your store is about:

1- Web standards.

It is important that your website meets certain structural standards. The W3C organization has defined programming rules to coordinate website programming by promoting good accessibility. The themes generated by WiziShop comply with W3C recommendations.

If you have your own graphic charter created by a professional, remember to check that these standards are being followed.

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2- Meta Description.

Metadata is the information contained in your page’s code that provides search engines with detailed information about the topic covered by each page.

A meta description is a brief description of the content of the page. It must be clear and perfect. All the subtleties manage to form understandable sentences and at the same time include most of the keywords, that is, terms that define exactly what the page is about, possibly typing a search engine. Therefore, you should make sure to adapt this description for each page of your website.

On WiziShop, the meta description is automatically generated on each page of your shop according to the elements (title, content, keywords) you have entered. You can easily customize it from the “SEO” tab of the products table, from the “Advanced Options” section of the category page, and from the “Configuration/SEO” tab of the information page.

3- page title

The title of a page is used in several places. Located at the top of the page in your browser tab, it’s the first title your potential customers will see in search engine results. So this is a very essential element.

In fact, it must summarize the content of your page in one short sentence. It’s best to avoid making the title too long here, just enter a few keywords that represent the page, and then the name of the store.

On WiziShop, the title is automatically generated on your shop page depending on the item you enter. You can easily customize it from the “SEO” tab on the products table, the “Advanced Options” section on the category page, and the “Setup/SEO” tab on the information page.

4- Page address (URL)

Effective SEO Tips for Wizishop.

The address of your website is one of the most important factors for your search engine positioning. The more logical the structure, the easier it is for the robot to analyze it. Different terms separated by “-” will isolate each keyword and index it faster. In fact, it is important to choose the right domain name so that it contains effective and easy-to-remember keywords.

On WiziShop, a URL is automatically generated for each page of your shop according to the page name you entered. You can easily customize it from the “SEO” tab on the products table, the “Advanced Options” section on the category page, and the “Setup/SEO” tab on the information page.

5- Internal Linking

The web of links is the foundation of a good website. When clear and logical, it can play an important role in a deal’s offering.

For example, if you want to put a product on the home page, the link you want to add must point to your item. Therefore, it is necessary to select links that accurately indicate the content of the page.

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6- images

The search engine can only read text. Therefore, naming each image added to the store is important. Also, images are information that can be read and analyzed along with the rest of the page.

So you only have to summarize in a few sentences what is presented. This title helps search engines associate your image with your content. In fact, it will also help make your shop more accessible. In addition, visually impaired people viewing your website can read your captions.

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