Quartararo: “A special win, similar to Barcelona’s”

And three for Fabio Quartararo! This afternoon the Frenchman scored his third win of the season after mastering his craft at the Sachsenring after taking over poleman Pecco Bagnaia from the start before performing a true solo rider over the 30 laps of the race in Germany.

The reward for perfect tire management after he nevertheless made a daring bet by using the medium tire on the rear wheel of his Yamaha – a choice made only by three on the grid.

The majority of the pilots feared that this compound would be too soft to last the entire event, which is also in the heat that we are familiar with this weekend. But not Quartararo, who was sure of himself and, against all odds, asserted his views. “I was convinced of the medium”he confirmed at a press conference. “People from Michelin came to tell me there were only two others [pilotes] With the medium, everyone winced and wondered what to do. But I said ‘no, no, we’re going to stick with the medium and we’re going to do well’ and we actually did well, although I was expecting a little less humiliation. I’m happy because I think we had a very good race.”

Quartararo used Bagnaia’s surrender to perfectly manage his race

This is Quartararo’s second win in a row after winning at Barcelona two weeks ago. A success that was slow to take shape after a timid start on Friday, but as he had predicted, the Catalan scenario was well renewed this weekend in Saxony.

“It’s a special win, similar to Barcelona because on Friday I wasn’t at my best but yesterday was already better and this morning with the freaky medium tire it seemed like a right choice to me because after 27 covered laps I was still in the low window of 1’22.During the race the conditions were completely different.In the beginning I was a bit scared because I was running more tires than I expected to be fast and at the The last five or six laps were a real disaster for those in the back.”

You have to evolve at the front of the race

Quartararo, leading so to speak from start to finish, knew that given his difficulty overtaking with the Yamaha, the holeshot (and countering an attack from Bagnaia early in lap two) was almost a sine qua non for victory on such a narrow one track like the Sachsenring.

“We always have to make sure that we come first because if we don’t, everything becomes more difficult”he explains. “I have to be as far up front as possible because when it comes to overtaking other bikes I have more difficulties. It’s always a bit easier at the start because I was very close to Pecco there and he passed me on the first corner, although he didn’t go very far I was able to uncross.”

Still, his performance of the day is a model for management racing. Get rid of Bagnaia After the Italian’s crash on lap four, Quartararo then had to control the situation against his compatriot Johann Zarco, who in the meantime had spectacularly defeated Aleix Espargaró in the waterfall (11th turn).

The medium tire, a winning bet

In the end, his medium tire held a decent pace for most of the event and only showed signs of weakness in the final laps. But the outcome of the race was already decided. “In the first laps, when Johann was behind me, I knew that everyone behind had the hard tyre”he remembers.

“When I started to have a second advantage, I tried to stay in control [l’écart] because I didn’t want to attack anymore. I actually tried to pay a lot of attention to the rear tire because the conditions were really difficult. When I saw how Johann had made up for his delay a bit, I attacked a little more. It was difficult of course, but the first ten or fifteen laps were mainly a matter of management and I was very careful with the rear tyre. This worked very well between the 15th and 25th laps.”

His victory of the day allows Quartararo to take the break in the championship as he now sits 34 points clear of closest rival Aleix Espargaró, who is fourth in Germany today. Enough to think calmly about the next round, which will take place next weekend at Assen, the track where he won last year.

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