Football: Anthony Sauthier: “We had a complete game against Thun”


SoccerAnthony Sauthier: “We had a full game against Thun”

The defender from the North of Vaud played a key role in Yverdon’s win against Thun (3-1) on Friday, which gave the Greens and Whites the lead in the Challenge League.

On Friday against FC Thun, Anthony Sauthier – here against Yannick Touré from Bern – not only impressed defensively, but was also an insatiable supplier of the ball for his offensive.

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Anthony Sauthier, is that game against Thun the most successful of YS’ excellent start to the season?

It’s difficult to say. The collective performance was of high quality last week in Vaduz, even though we conceded the equalizer at the last minute. But I think you also learn a lot from those little mistakes that cost you a lot of money. today (Friday) We committed a few things at the end of the first half – without consequences – then at the beginning of the second by offering Thun a reduction in the score. After that goal, our reaction was very good.

Although Thun dominated in the last twenty minutes, Yverdon didn’t allow any clear chances. A good signal, right?

Yes, and besides, thanks to our substitutes, we managed the safety goal, which is an excellent signal that proves that the group is enlarged. It is very important to know that you can rely on everyone.

There are still a few things to fix, right?

Even when we played a full match, we still had some tricky moments against a high quality opponent. But we got through these weak, inevitable times well, showing a lot of solidarity and a willingness to fight. Knowing how to sacrifice yourself for your mate, letting the storm pass unscathed are key benefits over the length of what promises to be a very close championship.

The only small criticism we can make of you is that you didn’t get to safety a little sooner, right?

It is clear that we had many opportunities to set sail earlier, but in my opinion the most important thing is that we took care of those opportunities. Currently Koro (cone) is in full swing, but I’m sure that Beyer and Hauthier won’t be far behind before they find their way onto the web. We have different offensive strengths.

Surprised to see Yverdon at the top?

Well we have to keep calm because only three games have been played. But given our excellent preparation and our good friendlies, it doesn’t surprise me that we started the league very strongly. A good start, in contrast to last season, but let’s not forget that the last exercise was also successful overall. We don’t come out of nowhere either. It is now up to us to take advantage of this auspicious time, as difficult times will inevitably come.

“I’m not surprised that we managed to start the championship very strongly.”

Anthony Sautier, Yverdon Sport defender

While you were billed as insecure, you produced a brilliant performance down the right flank, including conceding Koné’s first two goals…

Yes, I had good feelings. Due to discomfort behind the thigh we thought it best to skip the trip to Vaduz but everything is back to normal there. I feel good. Still, I think the whole defense did a great job. Then I just knew how to use the spaces I had on my right.

Next Friday already the second derby with a trip to Neuchâtel, which hasn’t won a single point yet. A trap game?

Oh yeah! Xamax is a good team that has to react in front of a crowd after the first three defeats. It’s a complicated game that awaits us. To be approached with great respect and distrust. If we don’t use the same ingredients there as we did against Thun, we’re in great danger there.

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