Pierluigi Tami: «On peut critiquer Granit, s’il est bon ou moins bon sur le terrain. Mais là, c’était un commentaire raciste. On ne peut pas l’accepter.»

Football: Pierluigi Tami supports Xhaka: “These people are idiots”


After the 2-1 defeat in the Czech Republic, the national team director has shared his thoughts on the comment made about his captain.

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Pierluigi Tami: “We can criticize Granit whether he is good or not so good on the pitch. But that was a racist comment. We cannot accept that.”

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The ASF wanted to avoid a scandal and the lengthy debate. So very quickly on Thursday morning, after Granit Xhaka’s publication of a comment intended for him, national teams director Pierluigi Tami stepped out on the sidelines of a light training session with the substitutes of the 2-1 defeat to the press by Czech Republic the previous day. The goal: extinguish the fire, but above all agree with his captain.

Granit Xhaka reacted last night on his social media following a hateful comment. What is the ASF’s position on this?

It was a stupid comment. We can criticize Granit whether he is good or not so good on the pitch. But that was a racist comment. We can’t accept it. We are in a country where tolerance is a core value. Normally you shouldn’t react when you see a comment like this. This time Granit did it, we support him and we understand that for once he wanted to make this person realize that they are stupid.

But did he really have to react?

This has been happening to him for years and he has never responded. Over the years there have been comments directed against him personally. These are racist comments. When there was negative news about his performance, he never said anything. Today he did it for it, and I understand that. It was a good thing to do: you have to show these people that they are idiots.

That affair aside, the Swiss side went their third straight game without a win on Thursday, including two defeats. This is a somewhat worrying situation.

It would be worrying if we were at the World Cup. But it is clear that every international match is a game in which we want to see the national team in terms of results and performance. We did well in those three games too, especially against England. And then we didn’t play our best football. But we saw last night that the result would have been positive if we had taken our chances. In key moments we weren’t good enough and the Czech Republic were better.

How do you see this defeat in particular?

When the opposing goalkeeper is the best on the pitch, that’s a sign we haven’t done everything wrong. But we realized that there was a certain anger, a certain determination, missing in everything we did. I’m not worried Because if we had played a great game yesterday, given the time ahead of us, that wouldn’t have meant we were ready for the World Cup. Of course we must not forget the mistakes, the staff will analyze the game carefully. But this team always showed a reaction after less good performances. That’s the first thing I ask.

Do you still manage to identify progress or at least evolution?

It’s difficult to say. What we did in autumn was at a very good level. It is clear that we cannot say that we were at the level of the fall on Thursday. But it happens, this is completely normal. I think players who have had problems know that. We know that this is a special moment for some of them. It was the first game and now we have three games ahead of us: in Portugal, then against Spain and Portugal. These will be great matches. You really need to be able to increase the level and energy returned.

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