Football: Super League: Discover our journalists’ predictions


SoccerSuper League: discover our journalists’ predictions

Since the 2022-2023 season starts this weekend, the specialists have created their respective rankings. Which also amounts to reading the future hierarchy in a crystal ball…

The race to succeed FC Zurich is on. On May 23, President Ancillo Canepa and André Breitenreiter, his coach (who has since left for Hoffenheim), celebrated the championship title on a cruise on Lake Zurich.

fresh focus

Who will be crowned champion on the evening of May 29, 2023 (or even before)? Who, on the other hand, is doomed to face the third-placed Challenge League in an All Hazards play-off? At the time of the resumption of the Swiss Super League, very smart who could answer these two questions.

At the time of the pre-season forecasts, the sports department still tried the challenge, not hesitating to get wet for the occasion. If Young Boys and Basel seem to stand out in the title race, that doesn’t rule out some surprises. At least in theory.

Valentine Schnorch

“Recruitment followed in Bern”

“YB will only let the title slip away for one season. In Wicky, the Bernese found a coach who fits perfectly into the club model, and recruitment followed. Despite its activity in the market, Basel seems to have too unbalanced a workforce to challenge it for the title at length. And Zurich has changed too much to ride the headline wave. The FCZ will line up in favor of teams that have remained more stable (Lucerne and Lugano).

Few certainties on the Roman side, but enough arguments to avoid last place. However, there will be nothing to be done to go into the following season with 12 teams in good conditions.

Nicholas Jaquier

“We hesitate to put Servette last…”

“Twelve months ago, following our nose, which we considered infallible, we ruthlessly made Zurich the inevitable relegation zone. Everyone knows what happened… In this logic of reverse failure, we almost hesitate to put Servette in 10th place. But no, it doesn’t always work. The focus on the announced duel between Basel and YB, on the other hand, relies on handguns.

We’d rather put a few coins on a surprise from Eastern Switzerland. Because St. Gallen with its wonderful “green” people appeals to us. Unraveling Sion and Servette’s ambitions proves to be far more dangerous – but do they already know that themselves? For the two French-speaking clubs, living a quiet exercise would already be a success.

Robin Karel

“YB better built than Basel”

“Two years in a row there will be no miracle in the Super League. Young Boys seem to be in better shape for the title than FC Basel, who have become a bit too much a place of speculation on the value of players. The seriousness of St. Gallen and Lugano is also rewarded.

The Romands, for their part, stay warm in their soft belly. The lack of descent, or almost, made them a little wary. Winterthur will annoy GC until the end in the fight for last place. But Grasshoppers may soon be paying for their ‘permanent club’ status…”

Andre Boschetti

“A season without relief for the Romans”

“In Zurich we will very quickly realize that confirming our title is a utopia. The champions will be watching the battle between the country’s two strongest clubs from afar. Only St. Gallen and Lugano play spoilsport for a while. On the Roman side, a new season without relief.

Servette will only be able to do a few good individual performances if he is too unstable. As for Sion, he will once again disappoint CC’s expectations, albeit modestly. A president who keeps mentioning his tiredness, but without giving up his club. Last place will not go unnoticed by the climber, who will challenge Xamax in an electric fire.

Christian Maillard

“I want to believe in Alex Frei”

“Every year it’s the same old story, the same delirium, we all want a club in French-speaking Switzerland to achieve their dream, like in 1999 with Servette fighting with Lausanne. Already 23 years! Another era. Every month in July at the time of the predictions we tell ourselves why not a remake but no it’s a waste of time we have to choose between Young Boys or Basel. Nobody saw Zurich coming last season, but what a surprise!

Who’s next? Trained by Raphaël Wicky, why not the Bernese? I want to believe in Alex Frei, the new coach of the Rhinelanders…”

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