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work by Alexis Lebrun July 19, 2022

Summer will be all about action movies on Netflix. Following THE GRAY MAN (Anthony and Joe Russo), the platform is drawing another August 12 blockbuster that promises to be stunt- and hemoglobin-rich: DAY SHIFT (JJ Perry).

Syndicate of Vampire Hunters

If you have seen LICORICE PIZZA (2021), the last masterpiece by Paul Thomas Anderson, maybe the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles) makes you slightly fantasize. In this case, DAY SHIFT could seriously jeopardize your dream travel plan. Because in this feature film debut from JJ Perry, the overly charismatic Jamie Foxx is a worker named Bud who can’t make ends meet with his job as a pool cleaner in San Fernando, a city now infested with vampires.

And the unfortunate has so many financial difficulties that if he can’t raise $10,000 in a week to pay his quick-witted daughter’s school and dentist bills, the latter will be taken away by her mother. Meagan Good) in Florida, where life is said to be cheaper than in California. Unacceptable to Bud, who fortunately knows a good way to raise such a sum in a short amount of time. All he has to do is smash as many vampires as he can, like he usually does on his nights, and trade his victims’ sharp teeth for the cold hard dollars of a mysterious international syndicate of vampire hunters, one of whom he himself had previously met was expelled for unknown reasons.

To carry out this lucrative but bloody cleansing mission, he can count on the help of an expert in the field, one Big John Elliott, played by a Southerner Snoop Dogg (cowboy boots and cowboy hat). Accompanying these two career killers is Seth (Dave Franco), a stuck and anxious clerk from the aforementioned syndicate but a fan of the TWILIGHT films (2008-2012) and who would provide the comedic touch to DAY SHIFT. And as for the antagonists, we know that Karla Souza will play Audrey San Fernando, a powerful real estate agent who hides a supervampire identity.

A stuntman at the wheel

All this promises a good carnage that doesn’t take itself very seriously, like Zack Snyder’s latest zombie slaughter released on Netflix last year, ARMY OF THE DEAD. JJ Perry doesn’t hide it: For his first feature film as a director, he didn’t want to produce a dark film. He also counts among his cult influences THE ADVENTURES OF JACK BURTON IN THE CLAWS OF THE MANDARIN (John Carpenter, 1986), EVIL DEAD (Saim Raimi, 1981) and LOST GENERATION (Joel Schumacher, 1987).

And in addition to his knowledge of vampires thanks to his work on the BUFFY VAMPIRE SLAYER series (Joss Whedon, 1997-2003), he has some experience in fun things, having acted as a stuntman or stunt coordinator for years and taking part in dozens of fights from Hollywood – Blockbusters, from IRON MAN (Jon Favreau, 2008) to the recent FAST & FURIOUS 9 (Justin Lin, 2021), via DJANGO UNCHAINED (Quentin Tarantino, 2012) – where he rubbed shoulders with Jamie Foxx. Above all, he worked on the first two episodes of the JOHN WICK saga (2014 and 2017), directed by Chad Stahelski, none other than the producer of DAY SHIFT.

And of course, for the many action scenes in this first film, JJ Perry drew much inspiration from his experiences on the sets with Keanu Reeves, where he used hands-on special effects rather than digital visual effects. Eventually, due to the health crisis, he was able to bring in contortionists from Cirque du Soleil to bring his vampires to life, whose limbs bend and twist in quite destabilizing ways. like one of the characters in OLD (M. Night Shyamalan, 2021). Enough to breathe new life into creatures exploited by popular culture? While waiting for the answer, we can already discover THE GRAY MAN (Anthony and Joe Russo, 2022), the Netflix blockbuster with a dream cast.

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