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The Sims 4 High School Review: All the new features of the expansion

It’s going back to school soon and to prepare for The Sims 4 offers you their brand new extension called school years. After their last title Country Life, we change the scenery and find the high school life that will bring back so many good (or bad) memories, available for a few weeks on PC and consoles.

It’s back to school

Of course, whoever says new expansion says new world to explore. Here you can access Copperdale, a new map divided into three parts. There is inevitably the area with the school and an auditorium next to it. The famous prom takes place here. This area is called Rockridge Heights.

You will have too Prescott Square, this is where high school students meet after class (or even during?), and you’ll find a store and library. Then last place to explore, Plumbquartz Baydynamic range, especially in the evenings because you will find a carnival at the water’s edge.

You’ll also have lots of new outfits and hairstyles available to complete your high school look, and as a little novelty, you can even apply some nail polish! All of this is directly accessible via the usual “Modify the Sim” option. Obviously, as always, the studio is taking the opportunity to establish new aspirations. There are four new Teen Aspirations available to you in total: Live to the Fullest, Admired Icon, Teen Doing, and Determined.

High school, the best time of life?

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Starting at 8am, you can accompany your teenage Sim throughout their school day, any day of the week. Normally, high school students go to class at 8 a.m. and return home at 3 p.m.; so you might think that they work about 06 hours and have a 1 hour lunch break. Well no, if you walk her to high school, it doesn’t happen like that.

You may arrive at the school campus at 8am, but note that classes don’t actually start until 10am. So you have two hours to either have breakfast in the canteen or do your homework if you haven’t already done it. You can also take the opportunity to prepare for the exam or to exchange ideas with teachers or other students. By clicking on your Teen Sim you can view the class schedule or study for the exam. Clicking through a computer also allows you to view your Sim’s grades.

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After the first lesson at 10am it is 11am and it is time for your lunch break. They will resume classes at 2:00 p.m. for one lesson. The school day ends at 3 p.m. We would have dreamed of such a rhythm in our time, right?

As with any event, you must complete missions by 3:00 p.m. throughout the day. For example, you need to meet with a teacher or another student, eat in the cafeteria, study for the exam, etc. If you complete all the assignments and pay attention in class, the teachers will not hesitate to inform you at the end of the day. Keep it up!

Be cool !

After class, there’s nothing better than hanging out with friends at the store. Trendy tea at Prescott Square. This is where trends are created. In fact, in addition to ordering a bubble tea, you can create looks, sell them through the Stilé application on your phone and get subscribers. All you have to do is click on a shelf in the store, choose at least one top, pants and shoes, find a theme and name for your outfit and set the price. The more subscribers you have, the more likely you are to and will sell your outfits at high prices influentialSim.

Another new app available on your phone is Sociable Bunny. It’s a social network where you can add friends, chat, or share a status based on recent events your Sim has experienced. In addition, you can start an extracurricular activity in the company application, which is always in your phone. You can access a computer club, chess, American football or pompom sims.

In short, this high school years expansion seems pretty complete and ideal if you’re feeling nostalgic about your high school years. However, managing your teenage Sim alongside the rest of the family is quite difficult, especially when you have to switch countries sharp at 8am and be available again by 3pm. It’s of course possible not to accompany your teenager to class, but for a €39.99 extension, it’s still better to make the most of it.

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