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Here’s a tutorial on creating one timetable in Microsoft PowerPoint. A roadmap is a type of illustration used to show a project’s timeline. It is used in project management to plan and strategize the phases of a project to achieve a specific goal. Now, if you want to create a roadmap in a PowerPoint presentation, you can do it using two methods. Let’s discover these methods!

There are two methods of creating a roadmap in PowerPoint presentations including:


  1. Use a pre-built roadmap template from Microsoft.
  2. Create a roadmap from scratch with SmartArt Graphic.

Let’s see these methods in detail!

1]Use a pre-made roadmap template from Microsoft

The easiest and quickest way to create a roadmap is to use a pre-made template available from Microsoft. PowerPoint’s online library has roadmap templates that you can import and use in your presentation. Later, you can adjust the roadmap as needed. Complete the following steps to create a roadmap using a template provided by Microsoft.

First, launch PowerPoint and go to the File menu. Now click on the New option and then in the search bar type Roadmap and press Enter. You’ll see several roadmap timeline templates to choose from.

Select the one you want, and then press the button. Create Button. A roadmap will be added to your powerpoint presentation.

How to create a roadmap in powerpoint 1

You can now customize the roadmap text, milestone, and overall look and feel using the available tools.

2]Create a roadmap from scratch with SmartArt Graphic

You can also create a new roadmap from scratch with SmartArt Graphic. With SmartArt Graphics, you can create different types of charts in PowerPoint or another Office module. It allows you to create Process, Hierarchy, Matrix, Relationship, Pyramid, and various other charts accompanied by a roadmap.

To create a roadmap from scratch, the basic steps are:

  1. Start PowerPoint and open a presentation.
  2. Add a timeline or SmartArt arrow graphic.
  3. Add text and symbols (milestones, walking man, etc.) to the added SmartArt graphic.
  4. Customize the appearance of the roadmap.
  5. Save the presentation.

Let’s discuss these steps in detail!

First, simply launch MS PowerPoint and create or open an existing presentation. Then go insertion tab and click on the Illustration > SmartArt Possibility.

How to create a roadmap in powerpoint 2

You’ll see different SmartArt diagrams to add. Now go to Treat Tab where you see different diagrams to draw the workflow. You can use one Simple Timeline, Up Arrow Process, Circular Focus Timeline, Continuous Arrow Process, or any other related chart template. Here I used an Upware Arrow Process diagram.

How to create a roadmap in powerpoint 3

How to create a roadmap in powerpoint 4

You can further refine your roadmap by inserting appropriate icons from Insert > Symbols Possibility.

How to create a roadmap in powerpoint 5

You can further rotate the arrow shape, format the shape, adjust its size and position, change the theme color, customize the chart style, and more. If you want to add more shapes from the to the roadmap Illustration > Shapes Menu. You can also animate the roadmap animation Tongue.

Just save the presentation with the created roadmap or you can also save the roadmap as an image. Just right click and click on the roadmap Save as image context menu option.

I hope this article helps you create a roadmap for your projects in PowerPoint.

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How to create a roadmap in PowerPoint

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