Alain Delon se sent «plutôt bien» mais «fatigué».

Alain Delon: “The death of Romy Schneider did not surprise me”


The 86-year-old star has brought back her son’s book after the actress’ death 40 years ago and also shares updates on her health.

Alain Delon feels “pretty good” but “tired”.

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Three years after his stroke, Alain Delon agreed to confide in this May 29th in an unpublished interview with the “Journal du dimanche”. The main reason for this interview is the disappearance of Romy Schneider exactly 40 years ago. The cheetah also talks about his life vision, the book his son Anthony Delon just published and of course his health.

“I’m feeling pretty good, although I’m tired and walking with a cane. But we will not make films: we know where we are going and how it will end,” he comments. Watching his friends disappear one by one is a horrible ordeal. “All my friends have left, Jean-Paul Belmondo last year, Romy, Mireille Darc, Nathalie Delon, all the women in my life have also left. The only one left is Brigitte Bardot. We are very good friends. We talk a lot, a bit like two old idiots talking about what they’ve known and been through! We also talk about the day when we won’t be here anymore. I tell her I hope she goes ahead of me so I can give a eulogy at church. She replies, “I hope you’re the first!”

“All my friends have left, Jean-Paul Belmondo last year, Romy, Mireille Darc, Nathalie Delon, all the women in my life have also left. The only one left is Brigitte Bardot.

Alain Delon, actor

When he has the leisure to enjoy “nature, calm, relaxation” on his “55 hectares in Douchy (F)”, Alain Delon lives “practically alone” with his animals. “I don’t get many people,” he says. However, he is not cut off from the world. “I read the press every day. I don’t like what’s happening, it’s a chain of sinister information. Every day there is a scandal, a rape, a child murder. Don’t tell me the world is happy,” he laments.

An observation that doesn’t please him at all for the future: “I think life has become unbearable, it no longer appeals to me. Above all, I want peace. I’m not afraid to die. It’s normal, we all go there. The only thing that scares him? “I’m afraid of suffering. I don’t want to end up in a hospital bed.” He reiterated that he was “pro-euthanasia”. “It’s possible in Switzerland: you come with your friends, you give a last speech, then the doctor gives you in front of your friends one injection and it’s gently over.”

The 86-year-old star is also returning to the autobiography published by her son Anthony Delon. The latter had surrendered about his father’s “violence”.. In which “Sunday newspaper”, Alain Delon nevertheless specifies one point about this book. “Some things are good, others not so much. I wasn’t terrible with him. I was a strict and serious father, that’s all,” he says, before emphasizing: “He was the son of Alain Delon, it’s not easy.”

In his wallet he has a picture of Romy Schneider

The French media also wanted to talk to the actor about Romy Schneider, who died exactly 40 years ago today. “I think about her every day. She’s probably happier where she is now than she was then. His death didn’t surprise me. I had a feeling She could not go on living as her son had died so tragically the year before (Editor’s note: David, 14, killed himself by climbing the wall of the family home). David was holy to her. From that day on, I felt like she was going to leave quickly, that she couldn’t take it.”

If he refused to go to his funeral to avoid being the target of photographers, he would congregate at his grave a few days later. He also kept a photo of the actress, taken “dead on her bed,” in his wallet. “She looks like she’s fast asleep, she’s beautiful. I watch it often,” he recalls.

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