Bam Adebayo, 31 points et 10 rebonds, a été décisif dans les rangs de Miami.

NBA playoff: The Heat cools the Celtics and takes the lead


In Boston on Saturday night, Miami won Act III of the Eastern Conference Finals (103-109) while regaining the advantage of the parquet.

Bam Adebayo, 31 points and 10 rebounds, was crucial in the Miami ranks.

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Miami, disadvantaged along the way by Jimmy Butler, made a tremendous collective effort after Bam Adebayo, who was overwhelmed upon awakening, to take the third game of the Eastern Conference Finals in Boston (109-103) in the playoff on Saturday to win NBA.

What a fight this duel between Heat and Celtics! Difficult to predict who will emerge victorious, the Floridians are now back up 2-1 on the floor advantage, but the intensity is such that organizations are not spared.

Lots of injuries

Round trips to the changing rooms were not lacking at this meeting. From Kyle Lowry, who was struggling with a hamstring, to Jayson Tatum, who was the victim of a right shoulder impact, to Marcus Smart, who cried out as his right ankle bent inward under Lowry’s weight, but gritted his teeth to get back into the game.

Jimmy Butler (8 points), plagued by recurring knee infections, was unable to play in the second third. Without their leader, who is also their top scorer, Miami suffered tremendously in the second half but still managed to go the distance after a thunderous start to the game and win the first quarter (39-18).

Adebayo: “I took it upon myself”

Florida’s lead peaked at 26 units in the second game, and Bam Adebayo had a lot to do with it, scoring 16 of his 31 points (15/22 on shots, 10 rebounds, 6 assists, 4 interceptions, 1 contra). “In the first two games, my team depended on me and I didn’t show up. I took it upon myself to fight for victory, ”commented the pivot, more involved in this meeting after being underused.

“He did what Jimmy can do in his own way so that we can win. And it wasn’t just about goals, he did a lot of things to keep us well organised, to make the game easier and at the same time to defend as he can against a team that offers a big challenge,” he paid tribute to Erik Spoelstra Tribute who found the right thing.

An extra soul

The Miami coach, on the other hand, hadn’t planned the butler quack. But it didn’t take many words to get his players to double down on their energy in the absence of the star, because Heat’s DNA has fighting spirit as its first genome.

Not that Boston lacked, quite the opposite, but the extra soul was on the side of the Heat, who didn’t falter too much even when Jaylen Brown made the circle with his untenable “Splash” in the last quarter look out like the size of an ocean. Author of 14 points during that time, he finished with 40 (14/20 on shots, 9 rebounds).

Return of the Celtics

So with less than three minutes to go, the C’s rejoined as one (93-92) and we didn’t shed much of the skin of the Heat. But Max Strus (16 points) responded, also with a winning shot, then Adebayo with a clutch shot on the 24-second buzzer, ahead of PJ Tucker (17 points, 7 rebounds, 3 interceptions) and Victor Oladipo, him Also impressive in defense with 4 interceptions and valuable free throws.

The Heat endured but were without their top two gunners as when Butler watched his team’s performance from the bench Tyler Herro was there but his 8 points (4/15) again highlighted his current difficulties.

Tatum gropes

Luckily for Miami, their best forward opposite, Jayson Tatum, also missed his deadline (10 points, 3/14, 6 rebounds, 4 assists). Further proof that in this extremely tight game it is definitely very difficult to shine from one game to another.

The Celtics, who could still count on an almost successful comeback with their comeback with Al Horford (20 pts, 14 rebounds) and the warrior Marcus Smart (16 pts, 7 assists), have to relax in their TD Garden from Monday, if they want revenge on the 2020 conference finals, they lost to the Orlando bubble heat.


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