Contact with Hamilton: Ocon in disbelief after his penalty

The incident between Esteban Ocon and Lewis Hamilton happened shortly after the Brit’s first stop when he was one of the first drivers to fit intermediate tyres. Based on an Alpine that was still running on rain tires at the start and tried to survive on these rubbers until passing the slicks, the Mercedes driver partially approached his rival on the approach to Sainte-Dévote, but saw that the latter, still partly ahead, wanted to turn at all costs, tried to move out in vain.

Contact between the right rear tire of the A522 and the left front tire of the W13 was then inevitable, with the incident not doing more than slowing down the two men. After an investigation, the result of which came shortly after the race’s relaunch following the second red flag, the stewards decided to impose a five-second penalty on the Frenchman believed to be primarily responsible for the collision.

A decision with serious consequences for the person concerned, since at the end of the GP he went from ninth on the track to 12th in the classification, which he did not understand before and even after going to the stewards: “I checked the pictures, we also checked the commissioners to get an explanation because it’s illogical, it doesn’t make sense, so…”he said first on the Canal + microphone.

“They told us there was a new rule: if a car was inside and touched it, it was the one who was attacked that got the penalty. It would have been the last year, it would have been a racing accident; they said, that it’s changed there but they’re not happy with the rules either so I don’t really understand it but hey it’s completely ruining the weekend and we could have stayed home this weekend.

Specifically, the stewards justified their sanction in the document available on the FIA ​​website as follows: “The stewards reviewed the video and noted that on the approach to Turn 1, a significant portion of Car 44 was adjacent to Car 31 and due to the application of 2022 Driving Standards, Car 44 was entitled to space at Turn 1.”

It should be noted that after the race, images (not broadcast by the international production) of another incident between the two pilots emerged, showing a sequence that took place on the lap after this first contact, in which a little earlier at the end of the start -Finish-Straight there is a collision between Ocon and Hamilton. The seven-time world champion then tried to get in between the rail and Alpine and got trapped there. A priori, at this point in time he suffered the later visible damage to the left end plate of the front fender. This second incident was apparently not investigated by the commissioners.

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The end of the race was strange in the Alpine clan because after the last restart Fernando Alonso lost a lot of time to the pilots preceding him, to the point where some observers wondered if it wasn’t a strategy to slow down Hamilton, to put him at the mercy of Ocon. However, when asked the question, the Habs stated that was not the case “Yes, really” the case and ensures that the Spaniard increases the pace immediately after the five-second penalty becomes known.

“No, no, there wasn’t really a strategy. We tried to manage the tires as best as we could not to deteriorate at the end and when I had the five seconds Fernando pushed hard to try that Hamilton goes a little faster because he was quite slow in that race.The others came back so we’re out of points here, we couldn’t work out the lead that we had more.Come on, it’s hard to swallow.

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