RNF hesitates to recruit Vietti, Binder saves his chances

RNF has yet to confirm any pilots for next season and many names have already been linked to Razlan Razali’s team who could welcome a new duo. Andrea Dovizioso is unlikely to stay between performances and his contract tying him to Yamaha while the formation has reached an agreement with Aprilia, while Darryn Binder’s fate is uncertain. As mentioned, Álex Rins is now approaching LCR while Miguel Oliveira remains a potential candidate. Rumors have also linked RNF to Raúl Fernández or Celestino Vietticurrent leader of Moto2.

Some media even assured that deals had been made, but Razali firmly denied making his choice. “There are so many pilots on the market that all journalists are wrong!” the Malaysian told the official MotoGP website. “We’re still talking, we can afford to wait. There are a lot of young drivers […]. We’re waiting for other teams to announce their drivers.”

Regarding the Vietti option, Razali expressed some skepticism as he clearly didn’t want to give priority to a rookie: “People talk about drivers like Vietti, but there are some drivers who have more experience.”, he told Speed ​​Week. “Riders who have been in MotoGP for a year and can still develop well. So there is no need to bring anyone from Moto2.”

Celestino Vietti has won three Moto2 races this year

Razali also indicated that he would not receive “no pressure” on the part of its sponsors, to give preference to an Italian rider, listing a motorcycle representing the country is enough: “Currently 90% of our sponsors are from Italy. With Aprilia it becomes even clearer. Thanks to the presence of Aprilia, an Italian driver isn’t really on the list and there aren’t many Italian drivers at the moment.”

Darryn Binder candidate to succeed him

Razlan Razali favors a duo that combines youth – without necessarily choosing a rookie – and experience, making Oliveira a candidate of choice: “I would prefer a combination. There are many young riders who already have a year of experience in MotoGP and I think that on our side we will stay true to our policy that one young rider has to coexist more with another but to be honest we don’t look beyond the Moto2 riders [pour procéder à un nouveau recrutement].”

In this context, Darryn Binder remains a serious contender. Third of the five rookies in the championship, the South African showed some promise by finishing in the points twice: “I think he’s done very well so far this year, especially in the last two races where he cornered. He had good performances in Qatar and then in Mandalika, but then it was a bit more difficult for him. However, he managed to bounce back in Mugello. He has done a very good job and working with his chief mechanic allows him to make good adjustments and have a bike that he is comfortable with.”

Darryn Binder, RNF MotoGP Racing

Darryn Binder

“We would not take a Moto2 rider at Darryn’s expense”added Razali. “It’s not our style. But we also don’t have an agreement with Darryn because there are still many possible candidates. We want to get results straight away with Aprilia. In the last four years, especially the last two, we haven’t done that. ” achieved particularly good results. I want to prove to Aprilia that we can perform immediately – if we find the right drivers.”

Razali also confirmed which model his team will use next season, a question that remained unclear at the time of signing with Aprilia: “It will be the last version of the RS-GP from the last race in 2022. The bike is still in development during the season so it should form a good base. I don’t think they are resting on their laurels.” The whole team is very motivated. It’s a team of winners and they want it to continue.”

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