Assan Ceesay a l’allure du MVP de la saison. Mais Antonio Marchesano (derrière lui, à gauche) a aussi les faveurs de certains spécialistes. trophies: Super League: Who is the best player of the season?


The season is over, it’s time for the awards ceremony. For this third edition, our specialists have selected the player who has made a name for himself this season.

Assan Ceesay looks like the MVP of the season. But also Antonio Marchesano (left behind him) is favored by certain specialists.

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There are seasons that rock careers. The 2021/22 edition of the Super League remains exceptional for the entire FC Zurich squad. Because everything worked out for the people of Zurich. To the point that some have reached levels they had never wavered before.

Logically, after emphasis her revelation and the best coachit is on the FCZ side that (almost) all members of the football department of the drew hers best player of the season.

André Boschetti: Assan Ceesay (FC Zurich)

His season looks like two drops of water to his club’s. In the last nine months, this wasted opportunity specialist has seemed to be walking afloat. Everything has been successful for him this season, as evidenced by the 20 goals scored – by far his career high. Unfortunately for the champions, the Gambian is already 28 and without a contract. No major financial intervention is in sight for the club’s treasury and an extension of the lease would obviously be very expensive for President Canepa. Without the certainty that Ceesay can repeat his exploits.

Robin Carrel: Assan Ceesay (FC Zurich)

Assan Ceesay has the right head of MVP. The 28-year-old Gambier has recorded 20 goals (+10 assists) in 33 Super League games this season. To say that he had hit the net just 9 times in his first 83 games in Switzerland… His physical presence and dejection also allowed the champion to pose a constant threat. A “clutch” player.

Nicolas Jacquier: Antonio Marchesano (FC Zurich)

He’s not the strongest, nor the most talented, nor the prettiest in the game, but he’s always there when he’s needed. FC Zurich’s title owes much to the commitment of its No. 10. Having endured many difficulties and even contemplated retirement, Marchesano finds late recognition, a merit bonus at the age of over 30. We never tire of the magic of his right foot and the elegance of his set plays. We see a moment of sweetness every time in a world of brutes.

Valentin Schnorch: Antonio Marchesano (FC Zurich)

It doesn’t mean ignoring Assan Ceesay to single out Antonio Marchesano. Because the first has also benefited greatly from the second and vice versa. But FCZ’s game was designed to highlight Ceesay with that desire for constant verticality. Nothing on paper that basically corresponds to Marchesano. But the Ticinese had the intelligence to shine in this project too, identifying the right areas to project himself (13 goals this season) and, above all, giving it consistency by helping to put his teammates in the to bring the best conditions. . He was the brain of the FCZ.

Florian Vaney: Assan Ceesay (FC Zurich)

Because it’s fitting to pay tribute to FC Zurich’s season and because the Gambier’s personal transformation is insane. The lightness and ease of his key gestures give the impression of handling a twenty-goal (and eleven-assist) season in the Super League. He had never registered more than five…

Daniel Visentini: Miroslav Stevanovic (servette)

The Servette FC winger has offered 20 goals this season: 20 assists is the record in Switzerland. He is one assist less than Thomas Muller at world level. Recall that at Bayern Munich, Müller can count on a certain Lewandowski to push the ball deep. At Servette, Stevanovic can count on…, on…, in short, on many problems with his attackers. With a real goalscorer, the Servettian Pearl would have surpassed 30 assists. He’s phenomenal.

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