Rompu au travail des médias, Johan Djourou (ici en 2018) se dit impatient de transmettre son expérience aux côtés de David Lemos.

Football: Djourou new advisor at RTS: “The choice of the heart”


The former international defender will be at the side of David Lemos from the next games of the Swiss team. He says he’s delighted to find the Nati and follow their progress.

Johan Djourou (here in 2018), broken in the work of the media, says he’s impatient to share his experiences alongside David Lemos.


RTS announced Thursday morning that former international defender Johan Djourou, who retired from the sport last year, will be his the new agent of David Lemos during the matches of the Swiss football team. Djourou (35), who we already see regularly on the set of RMC Sport, will work for Swiss television alongside his work for the private French broadcaster. He tells us how it happened.

Johan Djourou, did you hesitate before reacting positively to the RTS proposal?

no Everything happened naturally. I was contacted some time ago and I didn’t hesitate for long. It’s a real choice of the heart. I am very happy to find this Swiss team whose shirt I have worn so many times (Note: 76 selections total).

However, they are signed to RMC…

Yes, but that wasn’t a problem when I spoke to the French channel about it.

Will you be able to balance the two functions?

I think so. I’m on the RMC set for the Champions League and English Premier League nights, so the national teams don’t necessarily play on those nights. So I can easily switch from one to the other. And then the roles are well distributed: I’m a technical consultant on RMC, and on RTS I’ll be a kind of commentator. But I’ve already started as I was live off the field for Arsenal – Tottenham recently and I’ll be back for Manchester City – Aston Villa on Sunday. It’s good, it prepares me! (he bursts out laughing)

Johan Djourou will find the Swiss team, but not his tracksuit: he will be in the stands.

Johan Djourou will find the Swiss team, but not his tracksuit: he will be in the stands.


We imagine you’re dreaming of experiencing a similar moment to Steve von Bergen’s when Sommer deflected Mbappé’s penalty…

Of course, this save from Sommer or the hard-fought qualification against Italy are among the highlights of the Swiss team. But I’m also happy to see how the team lives inside, how it develops. I’m also very interested in that. As a former player, I can feel these things better than anyone. It’s that experience I want to bring that people don’t see.

Have you discussed this with Steve Von Bergen, your predecessor?

Yes, I was in touch with Steve immediately after he announced he was retiring. But it was more about logistical issues – travel etc. – just to talk about football. Steve was excellent, I hope to be too, but we all have our sensibilities, our ways of seeing things and feeling things.

Johan, can we say that for the first time you qualified for the World Cup without having to go through the qualification?

(He laughs) Yes, that’s a way of looking at things. In any case, to experience a final phase only a few months after starting my work as a consultant, that’s great!

“Steve Von Bergen has always been transparent, which made the transition easy,” explains journalist and commentator David Lemos. And when Steve shared with me his decision to quit, for reasons everyone can understand (Editor’s note: He joined the Young Boys first-team technical staff), he and I discussed who his successor might be. We both thought of Johan Djourou. Like Steve, Johan is a former international, he knows how to be interesting and he comes from a younger generation. It’s the perfect profile.”

Has Johan Djourou’s experience at RMC Sport tipped the scales in his favour? “No, I think we would have chosen Johan anyway. The fact that he is already active and valued at a private sports broadcaster is of course a plus. In fact, this choice was obvious.

And the first contacts with Djourou, how did they go? “Perfect,” says David Lemos happily. We called each other then we saw each other, he spoke to RMC about it and told me he was ready. It was an opportunity: we didn’t have to ask all the questions that would have arisen if Johan had said no. / R.Ty

Both David Lemos and Steve Von Bergen considered Johan Djourou to be the ideal successor to the Neuchâtel agent.

Both David Lemos and Steve Von Bergen felt that Johan Djourou was the ideal choice to succeed the Neuchâtel agent.

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