At AlphaTauri we expect that without Evos we will suffer in Barcelona

The start of Formula 1’s ‘European season’ at the Spanish Grand Prix is ​​generally an opportunity to bring a major package of changes to the teams. Admittedly, the pinnacle of motorsport has already passed the Imola pits this year, but many teams will be bringing new parts to Barcelona…

However, this is not the case with Haas, nor with AlphaTauri, which has none “nothing special” in the words of Pierre Gasly. referred to as the latter “Mainly aerodynamics” as a weakness of the small Scuderia under this new regulation: “It’s mostly about getting more charge [aéro] flat bottom to try to be more efficient – less drag and more stress on the cars. Wind tunnel, CFD… We have developments ahead of us that are simply not planned in the short term.”

The weekend inevitably promises to be complicated for a team already struggling to reach Q3, with 40% success this season. “Yes, I expect it to be difficult”confirms Yuki Tsunoda. “It’s definitely going to be a close fight. We don’t need those fights. The trend that we’ve gone down slightly compared to last year is true. And like Pierre said, we didn’t foresee anything [pour ce week-end].”

“We really have to maximize the performance every time to be in Q3 and play for the points. I’ve heard that some teams like Alpine bring a lot of new things. So it will be difficult, but at the same time the last time we are with both Cars driven through Q3. We know we have very decent cars. Let’s hope this performance continues until new developments come in.”

The nose landing gear in particular causes problems for the pilots of the AT03. “I think at the moment the front is not as strong as I would like, especially in the middle and slow corners I find it difficult to turn the car.”analyzes Gasly. “And then it’s just sliding, at high speed we just slide off the four wheels and we can’t keep as much speed as the others. I don’t think there’s any secret, we know: ‘This is an area where we need to improve. Mechanically the car seems to be relatively good. We can always find a better solution, but at the moment all we know is that we need more load on this car.”

Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri)

“It’s almost the same, I would say”adds Tsunoda. “We give relatively similar feedback to engineers, which is good for the team. It’s better than giving totally opposite feedback and it’s a mess.”

According to Gasly, this weak front axle in particular explains the smaller gap he has this season over his Japanese teammate, who continued to dominate in qualifying but scored more points: 10-6. A record that is not necessarily fully representative due to technical breakdowns and racing events.

“I think there are different factors [expliquant l’écart réduit avec Tsunoda]”believes Gasly. “Yuki is doing well, he has more experience [qu’avant]. And from our side I think we haven’t found anything yet to make the car the way I want it. Every weekend we had a few problems here and there. Like I said, I didn’t have a really clean weekend from start to finish, so I think that’s the main focus for us. You don’t have to reinvent yourself and find crazy solutions. We have potential, but right now we’re struggling every weekend and we’re struggling a bit.”

“There is a very small reliability issue”Tsunoda confirms shyly. “Almost every race there has one of the cars with some kind of problem. We haven’t had a completely clean weekend yet. I think we understand these issues better and better and we have fewer and fewer.”

Gasly can at least take solace in his fine performance in Miami, where he spent most of the race in the top 10 despite colliding with Fernando Alonso before retiring from a collision with Lando Norris. “We had a huge hole in the flat ground from the third lap. We don’t even understand how we fought for such positions because we lost a lot of load [aéro]. That’s why I can rightly say that it was one of my best races in terms of driving. the car was extremely difficult”closes the Frenchman who will now try to continue a Catalan streak of three consecutive races in the points.

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