How can we help those suffering from the disease?

How do you behave when you are next to a sick person? Strength, courage, prayer: can these be the travel companions of both the sick person and those who care for them?

We want to focus on those who care for and assist the sick. Whether they are in hospital, at home or in nursing homes, each patient has a history of his own and a dignity that must always be respected.

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The sick who turn to Mary

When we think of the grotto of the apparitions of Lourdes, an image that immediately comes to mind is that of the many sick people, even in a wheelchair or on a stretcher, yearns to reach that place to ask for Gracenot only physical, but also spiritual and the strength to keep fighting.

Mary listens to every prayer that comes to her and extends her hand over all of them so that, once they return home, the sick no longer feel alone, but see in her that mother who lovingly assists and cares for all her children.

Next to the sick, we are there. Whether we are relatives, friends, doctors, nurses, health or social workers: whoever goes out of his way to help a sick person or assist him is as if he were assisting Jesus. It’s not always easy, though. Many times we see that the patient is suffering, we would like to be able to do something more for him or her, but we feel helpless and we also ask ourselves, “how is it possible that God allows so much suffering and does not help that person ”.

The strength of who cares for a sick person

A thought that undermines our soul and makes us seem fragile. We feel guilty, inadequate: how can we give support, comfort and strength to those who suffer or are facing the disease if we are not strong, us first? And, if the sick person sees us this way, how can he feel helped?

So many questions, which are difficult to answer. But we can get there step by step. let’s begin not to let these sensations shine through too much of “not being able to do anything to help them”: very often, our company, our listening to him, our holding his hand and looking him in the eye is enough for the sick. on the other hand, however, let’s also try to put ourselves from his point of view: how would it be if, when I was sick, I had a person next to me who, instead of cheering me up, is sad in the eyes? all this would only exacerbate, more than anything else, that internal pain of the patient, not so much the physical one.

Caring for a sick person does not mean being close to him only for his needs. We said it before: listen to him, keep him company, look him in the eye and pray with him. Because prayer done together gives greater consolation than if done in solitude.

Praying together makes the sick feel less alone

This is also the reason why many sick people, even if in precarious conditions, still want to travel and go to Lourdes or, even, to other Marian or faith places. Because there, with prayer, with the Holy Mass, they feel the presence of those who suffer like them, of Mary and of Jesus compared to how they are at home, sometimes alone, and assisted only if needed.

For this reason, assisting the sick was also the meaning of life for many saints, one above all St. Camillus De Lellis, founder of the “Order of the Ministers of the Sick” and declared the patron saint of the sick.

The Virgin Maryespecially on this very important and solemn day, may you listen even more to the prayers of these children of yours, tested in body and soul and give them strength and consolation in facing the trial.


Let us raise our prayer together with them:

Lord my God, welcome me into your mercy

in this moment when I am sick.

With the desire to achieve healing,

my strengths are not enough;

I need You to give me the necessary energy,

so that he can overcome the disease.

Oh Holy Spirit, strengthen my faith,

raise my hope, keep me optimistic

and confident in healing.

Give wisdom to doctors

and to all health professionals.

From your hands comes the miracle of salvation;

for this, pour your blessing on me,

preserve my life, grant me the gift of health

and I will give you grace now and forever. Amen!

Mary help of Christians, PRAY FOR US!

Health of the sick, PRAY FOR US! ”.

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