How to prepare your smartphone for the holidays

When it’s time to pack your bags for the holidays, don’t forget to prepare your smartphone well. Because the device offers a variety of tools to travel cheaply, comfortably and safely. A few last minute tips.

The mobile phone can be transformed into a safe, which houses not only photos but also copies of the most important ID cards and documents. This makes it easier to ask for a credit card to be blocked in the event of a loss.

If reliable and fast Internet access is a matter of course at home and in everyday life, it can be completely different abroad or in the mountains. By using the search term “offline map” on Google, it is possible to learn how to use Google Maps without an internet connection.

In Switzerland, hikers can use the “swisstopo” app to load areas from national maps onto their mobile phones. If you want to register entire countries, use the freeware “Here WeGo”.

Watch out for the cost

Before boarding a long flight, it is also possible to stock up on entertainment. Online music services like Spotify or Netlfix for movies and series have offline capabilities as long as you have a subscription.

When it comes to digital matters, getting to know the roaming tariffs and the costs for the mobile phone subscription is part of preparing for a holiday. You can save quite a bit by booking an overseas package before you leave.

Certain services that can become real cost traps abroad should be deactivated as a precaution, such as voice message services (voice box).

Buying an additional SIM card in the visited country can be an even more advantageous option. The page (English only) provides a list of prices and advice.

Anyone traveling to the cities can pre-install apps from public transport companies, bike rental or ridesharing providers. You don’t have to look for an ATM and a coin after a long flight, you can buy a bus or train ticket directly from the app.

Mobile phone backup

It is also worth checking your cell phone before departure. Indeed, it must have enough space for holiday photos and videos. Depending on the target country, shocking content should be removed.

Many smartphones allow memory expansion using inexpensive SD cards. Since travel poses a particular risk for the digital companion, it is advisable to save most of the content before departure.

Apple and Google sync services copy everything from contacts to photos to videos to the cloud. However, be careful when using it for the first time because this process takes a lot of time and has to be done over a Wi-Fi network.

The free program MyPhoneExplorer (, which does not require cloud storage, is a universal backup solution for cell phones with Android. Photosync ( is useful for archiving photos on a PC and is also available for the iPhone.

To understand everything

Before leaving, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with common translation tools, such as those from Google and Microsoft. Both allow you to download dictionaries to your phone to translate what you type without having to use the internet.

If an internet connection is available, the applications can translate a photographed text live. It is also possible to have spoken dialogue translated in real time. The Microsoft app even works with multiple interlocutors gathered in a mini conference.

Each participant can speak into their own mobile phone. He then hears and reads the translation of his interlocutor in real time on his smartphone.

The smartphone ready for departure, it can provide a final help when preparing the suitcase. Apps like PackPoint or PackKing offer ready-made packing lists by country, hobbies and season.


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