La reine s’est tenue à l’écart des festivités en raison de sa santé fragile.

Queen’s Jubilee: Parade and Patriotic Picnics for Elizabeth II


A parade is planned for Sunday to celebrate the 70th Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Thousands of picnics were also organized.

The Queen stayed away from the celebrations for health reasons.


A huge parade in London and tens of thousands of patriotic lunches between neighbors cap Sunday Celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the government history of Queen Elizabeth the secondfar absent because of his deteriorating health.

After two brief appearances on the balcony of Buckingham Palace on Thursday, the 96-year-old monarch, who has trouble walking, stayed away from major celebrations to mark her platinum anniversary. She did not attend the Friday service, her beloved Saturday horse race, the huge concert in front of her palace, and she did not speak in public.

She left her heirs, Charles, 73, William, soon to be 40, and George, eight, at the forefront, confirming her gradual withdrawal over the past few months and the impression held by many attendees that the celebrations of the end of an era of unprecedented rule, which began on February 6, 1952 in a United Kingdom which was still a colonial empire and subject to post-war rationing.

Four days of celebration

Buckingham Palace did not say whether Elizabeth II, who is now infirm, will make a final appearance on Sunday during the parade, which brings together soldiers, dancers, puppeteers and performers, which will end outside the palace in the late afternoon.

The event will close the four bank days of celebrations, a brace for Brits at a time of runaway inflation and political scandals, with a motion of no confidence in Prime Minister Boris Johnson looking ever closer.

Corgi Dolls

The 260-year-old golden state carriage, used for royal weddings and coronations, opens the parade, which celebrates “Queen and Fatherland” with a military parade, followed by “the best times of our lives” (70 years of fashion, music and culture), “The Life of the Queen” in 12 chapters, before a musical finale.

Ed Sheeran must perform his famous ballad, Perfect, in honor of the Queen and Prince Philip, her husband who died last year. A giant dragon, seven double-decker buses and Corgi dog puppets, the Queen’s favorites, will also be present.

Despite the gloomy weather, millions of people were expected to attend lunches and picnics between neighbors, joyfully celebrating the historic reign of a hugely popular queen who is both close and mysterious, a comforting symbol of stability in a century of great upheaval. .

488 tables

In Windsor, 488 tables were set in the driveway to the castle where the Queen resides, while Prince Charles and his wife Camilla met for lunch at a cricket ground. Despite her absence from the Saturday night concert organized in her honor, Elizabeth II, known for her sense of duty but also her sense of humor, had a nice surprise in store for her subjects.

She had made a short video in which she had tea with Paddington Bear, a clumsy icon of British children’s literature. She then beat time with a silver spoon on her porcelain cup, in sync with the opening of the concert. Viewership for the event peaked at 13.4 million viewers on the BBC, a sign of the monarchy’s continued strength in a country that has been deeply divided by Brexit in recent years.

“Scent of Farewell”

Many participants in the celebrations were aware of the historic dimension of the moment. No British monarch has reigned for so long and this 70-year record is unlikely to be broken in the future given the age of his heirs.

“Inevitably, there was an air of farewell to these celebrations,” columnist Tony Parsons told The Sun tabloid. “In the last few days there was real joy abroad and in this country. But there is also a strong awareness that we will never see such a monarch again.”


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