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Music Festival – We try the theremin, that science fiction instrument

We try the theremin, that science fiction instrument

Saturday, June 25, 2022. At the invitation of the 31st Fête de la musique, the Electron Festival conquers the foyers of the Grand Théâtre de Genève with a program dedicated to electronic music, here the workshop dedicated to the theremin.

The spy who loved music too much

Demonstration of the theremin by Bruno Brasil, a Valais musician who is passionate about this electronic instrument, one of the oldest ever invented.
Invented in 1920 by the Russian Léon Theremin, the instrument has known many successive versions, notably that of the American manufacturer Moog, here his Claravox Centennial, designed to celebrate the centenary of the Theremin.
Controlled with the hands, but without touching anything, the two antennas of the theremin allow to vary the volume - the left loop - and the pitch, thus creating the melody - the vertical bar on the musician's right,

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