The promoted Monza promises a transfer window of madness!

You did it! Last night Monza confirmed their ticket to Serie A after beating Pisa in the second leg of the play-offs (3-4 2nd leg, 2-1 1st leg). A great win for the Italian team bought by Silvio Berlusconi four years ago. In fact, Fininvest, the holding company of the Berlusconi family, invested part of the 740 million euros raised thanks to the sale of AC Milan to acquire the entire capital of Monza 1912 on September 28, 2018. And to embark on this ambitious project, the Italian businessman was accompanied by his trusty right arm, Adriano Galliani.

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How else? For years, the Berlusconi-Galliani duo has been advancing hand in hand with the Rossoneri. They still started this new project together in Monza, a city close to Galliani’s heart since it’s where he was born. “It’s a romantic operation, an act of love. Let’s say I was on loan at AC Milan for 31 years as Monza is in my DNA.he explained in 2019 before announcing the color: “Our Monza was really born on July 1, 2019, the first day of our first full season, with the intention of finishing in Serie A in 24 months.”.

From Serie C to Serie A in two years

A crazy bet. But not impossible to know the two specimens. To help them achieve this goal, they have brought in some big names who have passed through Milan, such as Kévin Prince-Boateng and Mario Balotelli, who have since left Milan. They had also tried to bring in Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Alexandre Pato or even Franck Ribéry. But everyone declined the invitation. Regardless, the club has worked hard to climb the ladder. In Serie C 2018, at the time of acquisition, Monza 2020 was promoted to the second division for the first time. In 2021 it was not far for the Transalpine team for the second time in a row.

But she failed in the playoffs of Serie B. A year later she succeeded with her experience. It took 36 months instead of 24 for the Berlusconi-Galliani duo to advance to Serie A for Monza. A great success and a first in the history of the club, which was founded 110 years ago in 1912. It’s the reward for the work of a whole club and a whole group, coached by Giovanni Stroppa, 54. The ex-Milan and Monza player returned home in 2021 having had the advantage of earning promotion to Serie A with Crotone back in 2020 to have experienced.

A transfer window strategy that will change

A winning choice. “Besides my past with the Rossoneri, I believe I was chosen for my coaching past and I’m glad it paid off. It’s hard to be reasonable, we started with difficulties but we always believed in it. There is also an important element of character. We pushed and that was the little secret. The relationship with the owners has developed, they have been important, but Antonelli (sporting director) has also done a great job.”. Indeed, Monza have changed their strategy, relying on elements used to Serie B instead of big names.

But with promotion to the first division, it becomes inevitably necessary to recruit players who are used to the elite. This was confirmed by Filippo Antonelli. “It’s going to be a wonderful summer in the transfer market and Monza will be looking for top players according to the owner’s wishes. Something is brewing but I can’t speak right now, something magical can happen with this owner.”. At the end of the contract with Turin, Andrea Belotti would have priority. “He’s a great striker like so many others, I can’t rule anything out”confessed the sporting director of Monza.

Berlusconi wants to win Serie A and the Champions League

Stefano Sensi (Inter Milan, on loan to Sampdoria), Junior Messias (Milan) and Mattia Caldara (Milan) are particularly interested. But Monza dreams of bigger things and will use the means to recruit stars to achieve the goals set by Silvio Berlusconi.“The Scudetto in Milan and the rise of Monza, it was a year that was good for the heart (…) It’s a great joy. Founded in 1912, Monza has never been in Serie A. Today we are there and Monza have the team that deserves it and will face the greats of the Italian championship next year. And you want to know? We want to win the championship and go to the Champions League. Everyone is warned, Berlusconi and Monza want to hit hard in Serie A and in Europe!

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