Paris 2024: Olympic opponents organize the international fight

Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), report

no Olympics anywhere » ( Olympics nowhere »). At the entrance to the University of Paris 8, Saturday May 21, around 10am, a dozen activists gather before putting up three large banners. We don’t want competition, we want revolution », we can read there. On one of them, a monster in a suit and tie, holding a suitcase with tickets, smashes the bars of buildings.

How to stop the environmental and social damage of one of the world’s most popular sporting events ? This is the enigma that the Saccage 2024 collective, which has organized a weekend of international meetings dedicated to the Olympic Games, is trying to solve (OJ). The chosen location is no coincidence: massive construction projects have already begun in the department that will house many sports facilities throughout the year OJ from Paris in 2024. For several years, associations and local residents have been mobilizing against the disappearance of the Aubervilliers allotments, for the preservation of the Aire des Vents, which runs alongside the Georges Valbon departmental park in La Courneuve, and against the Pleyel motorway junction in Saint-Denis .

People who don’t live in Saint-Denis still don’t realize the extent of the destructionsays Natsuko Sasaki, one of the organizers. When we talk about the Olympic Games, we usually think of a magical, festive event. But that’s not at all how residents of Seine-Saint-Denis have of it, all worried about the demolition of the premises and the potential rent hikes the games will bring. »

Children’s lungs will forever remember the 2024 Olympics »

Calling Rampage 2024, Spanish, American, Japanese and Russian activists came out to warn of the devastating and lasting consequences of athletic competition. For them, it’s also about pondering tactics to ramp up the fight through 2024 to force local elected officials to back down. The Olympic Games are part of a capitalist world, an economic logic that already exists, but the consequences of which will accelerate dramaticallyIn the preamble she launches Amy, member of the collective. Strengthening our connections, giving a reminder of the struggles against the Olympic Games is also the aim of this meeting. »

That expertise », Bernat Lavaquiol came to share with his French colleagues. The Catalan activist is the figure of a movement that has been opposing his region’s candidacy to organize the 2030 Winter Games for the past year. For now, we are focusing our conversation with residents on the economic impact that the event could have in this rural context. »entrusted to the one who recently managed to mobilize more than 5,000 people in the first opposition demonstration.

On the French side, Hamid Ouïdir is struggling to get his vote through. Member of the Federation of Parents’ Councils 93 (FCPE) the father of two has been campaigning since 2018 against the forthcoming construction of a motorway junction for the 2024 Olympic Games and continues to warn of the resulting environmental pollution around the Pleyel Anatole France school group in Saint-Denis. After all possible legal remedies have been tried at the administrative court, FCPE 93 and the association Vivre à Pleyel took the case of these 600 children to the European Court of Human Rights last December. Local elected officials continue to tell us that this project has nothing to do with it OJhe scourged, tears rolling down both cheeks. When the exchanger sees the light of day, we will be faced with an unprecedented health scandal. The lungs of Pleyel’s children will forever remember the 2024 Olympics. »

No game lasts forever »

American researcher Jules Boykoff, specialist in sports and politics and author of power gamesilluminate the greenwashing mechanisms at work. Applications to strengthen support for the local population usually emphasize ecological aspects.he pointed out. They will then be completely ignored once the projects for the games have started. » As an example he cited the creation of the category of sustainability partner » ( sustainable partners ») during the 2012 London Games. Among these allies green »there was none other than the giant of British hydrocarbons, British Petroleum (bp), the car manufacturer bmw or EDF. For Paris 2024, the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has been chosen as the main sponsor by the Olympic Committee.

The urban and political geographer at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland), Sven Daniel Wolfe, made the same observation. According to his research, ecological and economic interests are in complete contradiction to each other. For any issue, once a game is commercially successful, it inevitably has serious environmental consequences. No game lasts forever », he concluded. In Pyeongchang, a 500-year-old sacred mountain forest was destroyed to make ski slopes part of it OJ Winter 2018.

On Sunday, May 22nd, a visit to the Olympic sites in Georges Valbon Park (Courneuve) was organized. title Toxic tour », she started with a visit to Air des Vents, where the media village is under construction. It then continued with a passageway to the Boulodrome, which was in danger of disappearing, to house the site of the shooting competition. It all ended exciting Counter Olympic Games » inclusive and non-commercial, just to show Another sport is possible ». Far from the partnerships of oil companies or e-commerce giants.

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