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Iggy Pop opened the fire of the Venog Festival on his brand new site on Wednesday evening. He grabbed the audience, even watered by a light rain.

From afar, Iggy Pop looks like a bronze statue. He looks supple, kindly and browned, with a long, muscular upper body. In the last few years everything has loosened up a bit. The 75-year-old is still wearing blonde hair that falls on his shoulder. And we can only guess his ocean blue eyes.

Iggy Pop starts the concert with a little delay in front of several thousand people. On the second track, he throws his black leather on the floor. The codes are observed: The “Iguana” is back.

The last time we saw Iggy Pop in western Switzerland, he was dragged off stage during a concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2018. The tooth break and back bruise after an accident, “the iguana” saluted in half -coma, while his musicians continued to flatten the chords of “Real Wild Child”.

On Wednesday evening at the Venoge Festival, Iggy Pop delivered his show and got away with it unscathed. With him on stage, seven young musicians, including a woman on the guitar, are the only one and brass.

David Bowie’s shadow

If he swings “i Wanna be your dog”, “lust for life” and “The Passenger”, part of the crowd is paralyzed. These mythical songs arouse part of the collective memory and the shadow of the Stooges and David Bowie hovers in the air.

Iggy Pop also plays with his age: he lies down on the stage. We wonder if the part of the show is or whether it felt uncomfortable. He gets up: we breathe.

His whole attitude is a challenge to death. With the song “Death Trip” he has fun with her and calls on to live all the more intensely. He paces up and down the stage with his fist raised. He addresses the crowd and says “Fucking thank you!”.

Almost an hour and a half later it ends with “Search and Destroy”. We would like to more, but the technicians are already entering the set to prepare the stage for the Australian group Pendulum.

The greatest money in the Venog Festival

Arrived on Sunday and installed in a hotel on the Riviera, Iggy Pop, the largest brand of the Venoge Festival edition 2022, will go fast enough to continue its European tour. He continues with concerts in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria and the United States.

In front of him followed The Last Internationale, a New York rock group that works for ecological and political issues – with the attractive Delila Paz on singing – and Seasick Steve, an American blues musician in the colors of “Peace and Love”, on the stage Stage.

The Venog Festival lasts around fifty groups on three stages until Sunday. Each day has its own style: rock on Wednesdays, 1980s on Thursdays with Alphaville, Madness, Kool & the Gang and Kid Creole, electro on Fridays with Bob Sinclar, Don Diablo and Kungs, and French songs on Saturdays with Calogero, Hoshi, Julien Clerc And even clone.

The new pitch at Penthaz, four times larger than the previous one, can seat 9,500 per night compared to 6,000 at Penthalaz. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the research and archiving center of the Cinémathèque Suisse. The festival had to change space because the residents had complained about the noise near the demonstration.

No “second paleo”

The 26 -year -old Venoge Festival started as a free village festival before it took a more professional turn in its 20th edition. “We don’t dream of getting bigger,” the boss and programmer Greg Fischer told Keystone-AT. “Our goal is not to become a second paleo,” added spokesman Gilles Wenger.

But the previously voluntary organizational committee could be paid in the future. “In view of the size of the event, it is not excluded that this will change,” says Greg Fischer.

After two years of the pandeme -related shutdown, the tourist artists were relatively easy to book, he continues: “On the other hand, it was very complicated on the side of the infrastructure.”

The boom in renewed demonstrations and the shortage of staff that has left the events industry with the pandemic are being questioned. “In order to build the big stage, we had to wait for the missing elements of Paléo and straps.”

There is no shortage of volunteers, even if some registrations were only made at the last minute. Almost 450 of them work every evening, plus about 150 technicians (sound, light, etc.) and others who are paid.

For their part, the festival goers have to profile themselves on the new area. This seems to be the case because Sunday is already “sold out” and Friday is just in front of the door. However, some of them express a certain nostalgia: they liked their small and less expensive festival.

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