GNT Paris-Turf in Laval: Eire d’Helios but also…

GNT Paris-Turf in Laval: Eire d’Helios but also…

©Scoopdyga – Eire d’Helios enjoys the stretch from Laval

EIRE D’HÉLIOS, regularity incarnate

Coach: F. Harel / Driver: F. Lagadeuc

73 races / 10 wins

14% win rate since debut

Favorable clues

Quinté+: 79% success rate in the top 5 when entering a companion race for Quinté+ (19/24).

Rope: All of his achievements have been made on left-hand ropeways.

Hippodrome: 67% success rate in the first 4 in Laval (4/6).

Distance performance: 67% success in the first 3 races where she had to walk 25 meters (since December 2021).

Horse/driver combination: 6 of his 10 victories were won with François Lagadeuc on his sulky.

Eire d’Helios leads the general classification of the Grand National du Trot. A small feat considering she rushed to 25 meters on her first 4 attempts at the 2022 circuit. she has already won at Laval) at will.

She seems to be able to increase her capital points significantly here. This is also confirmed by his trainer Franck Harel, who is very proud of his protégé: I know very well that a mare likes here Anna des Molles is fundamentally superior to mine. That doesn’t stop us from being ambitious. How you emphasize with your data Eire from Helios is beyond any doubt. She knows how to finish her course quickly. Will benefit from a good back as always and needs to be followed. If so, it’s pretty much a surefire shot in the top 5. Also, with a tailored route, I believe she can win her stage one day. “Why not Wednesday?

HANNA DES MOLLES, takeover operation

Trainer: LC Abrivard / Driver: A. Abrivard

27 races, 7 wins

26% win success rate since debut

Favorable clues

Credentials: Has 1 win, 2 second places in 3 attempts at Group I level.

Frequency of exits on the track: 9 3% success in the first 3 if the previous exit was less than 20 days ago (13/14).

Coach’s confidence: Laurent-Claude Abrivard again gives him a green emoji* despite his recent disqualification.

Hanna des Molles, winner of the Critérium des 3 ans, made an excellent debut at the GNT 2022 in Châteaubriant, finishing second Clean game. The Croisé-Laroche stage favorite proved the culprit as he was 2nd at the final corner. Alexandre Abrivard, currently flying from success to success (author of a shot of 3 this Sunday at Argentan), knows it by heart and will want to set the record straight. It’s better to give her credit, even if she hasn’t won over distances greater than or equal to 2,750 meters at the moment.

FREYJA DU PONT, better and better

Coach: N. Bazire / Driver: N. Bazire

72 races, 10 wins

14% winning success since debut

Favorable clues

References: Advanced Eire from Helios during the GNT stages of Le Croisé-Laroche and Chateaubriant.

Fitness/Mileage Reduction: Dropped below 1’13” in the last 3 competitive outings. Had never chained 3 times in this order until now.

Track/Trainer: 57% success in the first 3 for horses trained by Nicolas Bazire at Laval (over the 12 months).

Coach’s trust: Nicolas Bazire gives him a green emoji* again.

Another mare entering the race, Freyja du Pont, has not won since last July but her recent performances bode well for future success. Only preceded by Count Simon during the Croisé-Laroche stage it shouldn’t be far if it reproduces this performance.

EPSOM D’HERFRAIE, arguments to be put forward

Trainer: J.-M. Baudouin / Driver: E. Raffin

36 races / 18 wins

50% winning success since debut

Favorable clues

Distance: 83% of his wins came at distances between 2,800 and 2,900 meters (15/18).

Horse/Rider Combination: Eric Raffin was associated with 14 of his 18 achievements (78%).

Coach’s trust: Jean-Michel Baudouin gives him a green emoji*.

Epsom d’Herfraie collected victories between November 2020 and February 2022. He has had a mixed fortune since then (3 disqualifications in 7 appearances), but has solid credentials, especially over long distances, and Eric Raffin knows how to handle it. candidate for the podium.


Trainer: E.-G. Fleck / Driver: T. Le Beller

84 races, 11 wins

13% winning success

Favorable clues

Horse/driver pair: 90% success in top 5 driven by Tony Le Beller (27/30)

Shoeed: Won the only time he was declared a PADP (Front Tackle, Hind Legs Barefoot).

Emoji: 100% success in the top 5 when paired with a green emoji*, which is the case here.

Never further than 5th between August and December 2021, Echo de Chanlecy reappeared in April and now has four races ahead of him. Linked again to Tony Le Beller (with whom he has had 8 of his 11 successes) he should show further progress and seems poised to claim a spot.


Although it failed to shine during the Croisé-Laroche stage, EL GRECO BELLO has the advantage of having already won two races at Laval, including a quinté last March. On Wednesday he also meets Gabriele Gelormini, with whom he has had two successes in the 2020-2021 season. Do not trust this trotter who will rush to the first post. FRAGONARD DELO is controlled here by Elitloppet’s youngest hero (Anthony Barrier). Fourth on the final stage of the circuit, this 7-year-old can earn points that would allow him to stay in the top five of the 2022 Grand National du Trot.

* Trainers use emojis to give their opinion on each of their starters. The green emojis indicate that all parameters for placing the horse in the top three are met.

The statistics are available on the race sheet for the sixth stage of the Grand National du Trot ParisTurf in Laval by browsing the different tabs.

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