Le buteur du Lausanne-Sport Zeki Amdouni a marqué nos experts.

Matin.ch Trophies: Super League: the “revelations” of our specialists


The season is over, it’s time for the awards ceremony. For this first part, our specialists have awarded their discoveries of the season.

Lausanne-Sports striker Zeki Amdouni marked our experts.

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It’s a page that’s closing. One more. A season that ends is a small death. Before the flame really goes out, the barrage between Lucerne and Schaffhausen on Thursday and Sunday gives you the opportunity to look back on the good memories of the past year.

The experts of the football department of the Matin.ch gave back their awards of the season. Four pieces to honor those who kept her busy throughout the season. First episode: the “revelation” of the season. No criteria, so as not to limit the choice and give free rein to justification. Even if a certain Lausanner should unite the majority of votes.

André Boschetti: Zeki Amdouni (Lausanne Sport)

In a team with very little offensive potential, which rested mainly on his shoulders, he managed to score 12 goals and let LS believe in a miracle a little longer. Despite a few long, aimless pauses, his sanity was remarkable. We must not forget that at the age of 21 he played his first season in the Super League in the worst possible conditions. Where would he be today if he could have counted on a worthy striker at his side?

Robin Carrel: Zeki Amdouni (Lausanne Sport)

Zeki Amdouni, of course. The young man managed the feat of making himself indispensable at the top, in a relegated team, with attacking team-mates in total panic and coaches trying everything to find the right formula, but only finding him. The Geneva native went so far as to scrape a piquet spot for the League of Nations with Switzerland.

Nicolas Jacquier: Ardon Jashari (Lucerne)

We have to make one thing clear: apart from a few insiders, nobody knew Ardon Jashari before this second part of the Super League season. When Mario Frick rose to the pennant team in Lucerne, the young man exploded. At 19, Jashari prides himself on being brave. As a pure product of the Lucerne formation, he is one of the revelations of the season in our eyes.

A title he could easily share with Zeki Amdouni. In a different register, the ex-SLO forward has perfectly managed his adjustment to the Super League, unlike an LS preparing to lose its best element…

Valentin Schnorhk: Kastriot Imeri (Servette FC)

Of course, Kastriot Imeri has been in the Servetti countryside for a long time. He has been part of the first team for almost five years. Almost five years that its qualities are visible. But his explosion is less than a year old: he was given responsibility for the animation of Garnet and he didn’t hesitate to take it on. He overplays a lot less, even if his game is still somewhat wasted, but the 11 goals he’s scored are a testament to his rise, which has never scored that many goals. He is ready to give his career a boost.

Florian Vaney: Zeki Amdouni (Lausanne Sport)

A first part of the season to reveal the obvious everywhere but in the numbers, a second part to correct the stats with the truth of the eyes. What a season of discovery for the Genevois Super League amidst the demise of Lausanne-Sport. With one question hanging in the balance: did the collective LS disaster make him stand out or hold him back?

Daniel Visentini: Mattia Bottani (Lugano)

It’s not a revelation, it’s true. Mattia Bottani’s talent has made Lugano happy almost forever. But this season, the Ticino midfielder has been the cornerstone of his team’s direction. He shone and, like a wink, his first name is reminiscent of Croci-Torti, the Luganese coach. Both Mattia for a cup win and for a nice fourth place in the overall standings. Bonus for No. 10: He is selected for the Nations League with Yakins Switzerland.

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