Stan Wawrinka dit qu’il doit encore travailler pour retrouver son meilleur niveau.

Tennis: Stan Wawrinka: “The hurricane can go very quickly”


The 37-year-old from Vaud, beaten 1ah Round of Roland-Garros by Corentin Moutet (2-6 6-3 7-6 6-3), talks about his very imperfect game, his disappointment and the huge construction site that awaits him.

Stan Wawrinka says he still has work to do to get back to his best.


What happened after that very good first set?

It was sure to be a good set, even if he was a little in it. Afterwards it’s always a disappointment to lose by 1ah round of a Grand Slam, but that’s the reality I’m in right now. In order to play such a match well, I still need a lot of training and work on my physique, my tennis. It’s not that I play badly. But I’m not at the level where I can feel good about a game like this. It’s the reality. Unfortunately, you have to go through moments like this to regain your feelings.

How much can this defeat, like the one against Djokovic in Rome, help you?

Of course there are always positives. I feel like it’s moving forward, that things are gradually falling into place. That’s where the first disappointment comes in. I always want to do better and I know I’ve been able to do it. But at the same time, when I started training again in late February/early March, I knew it would take me a long time to get up to speed and ready to play a good game.

Are you 100% physical?

(Smiles, hesitates.) Yes, I’m 100%, but not yet “fit” as I would like to be. In terms of my tennis, it’s the same. You have to keep working, training, preparing physically and playing games. I feel like I’m getting closer, but it will take a few more weeks, a few months.

Has the format of a five-set game kept you from feeling comfortable?

no After this good first set, the beginning of the second was important. He started betting a little more and I started to be more hesitant in my game and it turns very quickly, especially when you’re looking for confidence, for anything. As soon as it starts from the wrong side, the hurricane can go very quickly.

At the beginning of the third sentence you expressed your anger. How frustrating is it not achieving what you have been able to achieve in the past?

The frustration doesn’t come from comparing it to what I was doing before. I am in the present moment. I was frustrated because I know that I could do better today with the resources I have. After that, the head thinks a little too much, and physically there is rapid hesitation. Once we lose what little confidence we have, it becomes difficult.

Did you think you could win this game?

Of course I entered the field with the idea of ​​winning this game and that’s what I wanted. Even during the game I hoped that I could make it, hence the frustration. I know I can win a game like this and I didn’t. It’s frustrating even though I’m where I am today. I know I just have to do better.

When you returned to the Roland-Garros stage, did you have a kind of stage fright?

Not compared to Roland-Garros, on the contrary. I feel more comfortable playing a game here than in Monaco, for example. Nervousness does not arise where I play, but where I am at the moment. I’m looking for many things, and throughout my career it’s always taken time to build myself up, to put all the pieces of the puzzle back together. At my age and having been away from the track for so long, it just inevitably takes time. You must be clear and humble and know what I want. I know I can get back to a very good level, I’m sure of that – there are too many things that tell me I can do it.

What is your schedule for the next few weeks?

Usually it’s Queen’s and then Wimbledon – that’s the schedule. Now we need to talk to my team about this. Losing the connection to Roland-Garros or crossing two or three laps changes the situation enormously. We will take the time to analyze the situation over the next few days.

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