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There have been many signs of this so far this year 90 day fiance Stars Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa are set to divorce and the couple may not be together in 2023. The viewers were introduced to Kalani and Asuelu 90 day fiance Season 6, and it was clear from the start that they were in trouble. However, since the couple had unexpectedly become pregnant twice, they decided to continue their marriage.

Things didn’t get any easier for Kalani and Asuelu after their marriage, and viewers continued to watch their troubled relationship 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Over several seasons, the couple struggled to raise their two boys together, often facing significant stress from their in-laws on both sides. It seemed to fans that with every season they watched Kalani and Asuelu, the couple’s relationship got worse and worse and things didn’t get much better for them off-screen.

Both Asuelu and Kalani are very active on social media, and while Asuelu wows her followers with her native Samoan dances, Kalani has generated income as an ambassador for Savage X Fenty. In years past, the couple often looked better when they appeared on each other’s social media posts, and their TikTok dance videos showed more teamwork than fans had seen. Kalani and Asuelu on the franchise. However, in recent months, the couple’s social media has been the source of persistent divorce rumors, and there are plenty of reasons why fans believe a breakup is imminent.

Disturbing Appearance of the 90 Day Diaries

Kalani and Asuelu entered 90-day logs Season 3, and viewers were concerned with what they were seeing of the couple. Both looked tired and miserable, and it was clear their marriage was not going well. 90 day fiance Franchise star Kalani commented that she “to a breaking pointbecause she felt that Asuelu wasn’t in charge and didn’t carry his weight as a father and partner. When Kalani vented her frustration, Asuelu looked dead and later walked away mid-conversation. Total theirs 90-day logs The update gave the fans no hope.

Asuelu Pulaa unfollows and blocks Kalani Faagata

Shortly after her last 90-day logs segment aired, fans were stunned when Kalani revealed that Asuelu had unfollowed her and her sister Kolini on Instagram and blocked them. It was an odd and seemingly childish decision on Asuelu’s part, and it left fans wondering if the couple had split. Because if the 90 day fiance if the couple were still living together, unfollowing his wife on social media would be a rather superficial gesture.

Kalani Faagata gives hints on Instagram

On Instagram, Asuelu hasn’t mentioned his wife or relationship in recent months, but Kalani has been a little more forthcoming. In her Instagram Stories, Kalani commented that it was “many changes are ahead of us…which hopefully will make everyone happier‘ but did not specify what changes were involved. When a follower recently asked Kalani if ​​she and Asuelu were still together, Kalani cryptically replied, “I’ll explain it to you at the end of the month.”

Kalani teased the replies coming later this month, and time is running out to reveal the news she’s alluding to. Asuelu and Kalani’s relationship has always been troubled, but recently their marital problems seem to have escalated. Even Kalani’s sister Kolini hinted that the couple had split and there could be bad blood between Kalani’s family and her future ex-husband. that 90 day fiance The couple have managed to keep their marriage afloat so far, but it seems that their relationship is no longer sustainable and fans should brace themselves for an announcement of a possible split soon.

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