NordVPN: This VPN crunches its competitors with its new feature

NordSecurity is the company (based in Europe) that publishes the renowned NordVPN software. This VPN is known for being fast, reliable, and discreet, offering its users a top-notch user experience. He positions himself without a doubt in the world top 3.

In order to meet the ever-increasing need for security and confidentiality on the Internet, the law firm regularly expands its range with new features. If you go to the official website, you can discover dozens of advanced features (Double VPN, Onion over VPN, etc.) for specific purposes.

In recent months, however, NordVPN has added a building block that most find very useful: an antivirus. It’s called Anti-Threat Protection and it adds three important layers of security for anyone surfing the web. As part of a special offer, NordVPN combines its VPN and this antivirus in a single package at an aggressive price of €2.89 per month. For comparison: By default, the VPN alone is sold for 10.49 euros.

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NordVPN works flawlessly

If NordSecurity has tens of millions of users worldwide, it’s because they managed to build a reliable tool. More than 9 out of 10 customers remain loyal to him over time. It must be said that the interface is very intuitive and the service is of excellent quality. For anyone looking for a high-end VPN, this brand is a benchmark.

To be considered a “good” VPN you need: a large network of servers, good speed, real confidentiality and a successful interface. NordVPN does just that with a network of 5,400 servers (across 60 countries), unbeatable speeds (even against rival ExpressVPN), and a no-logs policy.

With just one click, the VPN allows you to become anonymous, bypass censorship, access hidden movies on streaming platforms (limited by geoblocks) or access foreign channels to watch sports for free. There are dozens of use cases that are possible, which is why NordVPN is so popular.

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Our opinion : A very good VPN for security and anonymity



As a bonus antivirus features

On its own, NordVPN shouldn’t actually be discounting its VPN software. In fact, the price-performance ratio is already a very good argument. With this VPN, the contract is respected: you are anonymous on the internet and the means implemented by the company are colossal. You can find our review of the editor here (or otherwise at Journal du Geek).

Nevertheless, the European brand wants to further strengthen its position in France. For this she has decided to work twice as hard with a sharp reduction for the end of May. So you can enjoy the VPN at a reduced price and with the added bonus of included antivirus features. This gives you two software in one.

Specifically, Anti-Threat Protection offers the following: It analyzes all files that you download from the Internet for viruses. If malware is detected, you will be warned and the download will be blocked. Then this function also monitors your (anonymous) surfing on the Internet: if you come across a scam site or a phishing site, you will be warned. Finally, there is an anti-tracking dimension that allows you to browse the web even more securely.

NordVPN gives you unlimited access to all of its services over a 30-day trial period (satisfied or refunded). In this way you can familiarize yourself with the interfaces and the security software. Very quickly you will understand that these tools are essential for fast, safe and efficient web browsing.

To see his offer, it is here:

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