Sick Putin? Strange suspicion about his health: the false plot to overthrow the Kremlin

It almost seems to have become, from a certain point of view, a real one competition national. It is perhaps, strictly speaking, an almost sporting competition, a competition in which each one tries to do better than the other. I’m talking about the trend, now in vogue for a few months, to report illnesses more or less serious that would afflict the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In this regard, there are those who spoke of very serious ones heart problems. Others diagnosed him with one leukemia deadly. Still others have argued that the Russian President is suffering from a cancer which will lead him necessarily and soon into the realm of the majority. As if that were not enough, there are also those who have said that Putin is plagued by the disease Parkinson’s. In short, Putin would be hit by a mass of very different diseases that should lead him (it is said quickly) into the realm of the majority and yet we see him daily in health, operational and, indeed, not willing to bow to the dollar monarchy.

We really have to ask ourselves if these diagnoses are really descriptions or prescriptions, if they correspond to the anodyne description of factual reality or if they are not wishes someone’s. In fact, there is a strong suspicion that it is simply a desire for the block neoliberal oligarch. Of the turbo-capitalist plutocracy without borders, the one that, by now we know, passes off as a diagnosis of disease its wishes in relation to the health of President Putin. Just as he passed off by description thatEnd of History which was actually the desire of the dominant groupsthe idea that history was over and that their post-1989 domination crystallized into an eternal present.

What makes the question we have raised in relation to the many diseases that (it is said) afflict Putin very plausible, to make this Socratic doubt plausible and necessary, is moreover the fact that the diagnoses are totally in contrast with each other. How it will not escape the attentive observer. They are totally opposite diagnoses, leukemia, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease and cancer. As if it were a competition for who diagnoses the most serious illness to get the best accreditation from the neo-oligarchic groups on the command bridge.

This aspect, however, contributes to making greater clarity, if it were really still needed, on the average level of Italian journalism who also has the courage to use the almost Orwellian expression of information professionals to define himself. The truth, unspoken because it cannot be said, is that perhaps these diagnoses that continually appear around Vladimir Putin’s dangerous health conditions are actually the wishes of the dominant groups. Who can’t wait to see Putin pass away and replace him with a puppet, proconsul of the orthodox Atlanticist faith as he could be Navalny. The Russian equivalent of the Ukrainian boy Zelensky.

We understand it very well, the Americans (the stars and stripes bosses) have long been looking forward to conducting a real one Change regime in the Russian area, in order to settle the Kremlin a very faithful man of theirs: a Navalny on duty. And that’s what they have been trying to do continuously over the years, remember when they tried to install the puppet Guaid in place of the defendant Maduro in Venezuela? Remember when they replaced (very quickly) Gaddafi with a barbaric violence, with armed gangs that have unleashed hell in Libyadestabilizing it?

In short, this is also one of the non-secondary objectives of the hamburger civilization: to replace Putin with a proven puppet. wedding ring neoliberal and atlantist. And it is perhaps for this reason that this desire also takes the form of the diagnosis of multiple diseases which correspond in truth to wishes rather than reality.

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