When Disney+ sells us dreams with Spider-Man


streamWhen Disney+ sells us dreams with Spider-Man

The platform has finally gathered 7 films by the famous weaver. However, most are not available in French or English.

Only one of those films – Spider-Man: Homecoming – is available in its original version.


Ever since the recent Spider-Man “hype” sparked by the latest installment “No Way Home,” we’ve been delighted to finally be able to watch the best movies of the Ride-in-the-Air from the comfort of our couches.

First instinct: head to Disney+, home of the Marvel superheroes… and find only Pouic! After a dispute between Sony (owner of the audiovisual rights to Spider-Man) and the company with the big ears (owners of Marvel), the Weaver’s films were indeed absent. In 2019, while Sony had signed an agreement with Disney to have its golden hen integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, thereby joining the Avengers, the deal only covered theatrical broadcasting rights, and the Japanese company therefore still decides where and how it’s done Movies can be seen outside of the big screen. We could therefore find some of them on competing platforms, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Moviestar Plus in Spain…

But since last week the situation has changed. Disney+ has just picked up seven Spider-Man feature films: Sam Raimi’s trilogy, starring Tobey Maguire in the title role; the two works of the Andrew Garfield reboot; “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, part one with Tom Holland; and finally the animated film “Spider-Man: New Generation”. That’s almost all of the Weaver’s current filmography if we count the 3 Marvels already available that don’t star in the sky: Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame “. So only the last two parts are missing, “Far From Home” and “No Way Home”.

An Oscar for Spider-Man

Big! We were nervous beforehand at the idea of ​​definitely reviewing two of the greatest superhero movies of all time: Spider-Man 2, directed by Sam Raimi, and Spider-Man: New Generation, co-signed by Bob Persichetti. Peter Ramsey and Rodney Rothman. In the first, freed from the shackles of the “origin story,” Sam Raimi develops a rich scenario in which the character eventually settles into adult life, with all the difficulties that entail, while dealing with her impossible love for Mary Jane faces . Above all, no one is visible to soothe the filmmaker’s joy in visual experimentation and his scenic sparks. The scene where Doctor Octopus wakes up in the hospital while someone is trying to cut off his tentacles is pretty damn representative in that regard. A real film within a film, in which the director pays homage to his own cinema with an amazing sense of boldness, virtuosity and movement.

“Spider-Man: New Generation,” he, Oscar for Best Animated Feature 2019, is a marvel with a hybrid aesthetic that spans between pop art animation and comic boxes. The film transports us to an alternate reality where Spidey is an Afro-Latino who will rub shoulders with no fewer than 7 other versions of Spider-Man. Either a tremendous declaration of love, full of tenderness and passion, to this one. At the same time funny, moving and furiously inventive, where live films have long been going in circles.

The cold shower

But after the hysteria caused by “No Way Home” and the reunion of the 3 Spider-Man in the same universe, the inclusion of these 7 films in the Disney + catalog should also allow us to navigate between them to pick our scenes there . Favorites from each of the 3 performers: the famous inverted kiss or the impressive subway scene launched at full speed for Tobey Maguire; the beautiful moment of “The Amazing Spider-Man” in which the hero, opposite Andrew Garfield, gives his mask to a little boy stuck in a burning car to encourage him. And for Tom Holland, maybe his comedy scenes with Robert Downey Jr., aka Tony Stark.

In short, we loved it… And the shower was all the colder when we realized that this almost worldwide exclusivity (only Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Lichtenstein offer these 7 films in their catalogue) was in fact hiding a catch. And size… sync! Only one of those films – Spider-Man: Homecoming – is actually available in its original version. Worse, only this one and Spider-Man 2 are in French! For the others it is important to practice the language of Goethe! And honestly, who wants to bang a Spider-Man in German?

Unsolvable knot

So after an initial moment of wonder—popcorn still at the ready, fingers frantically fumbling with the remote control as we desperately try to figure out why some movies are in Chinese and not French or English (right!)—we have the uncomfortable one Having the impression of having been cheated out of the goods, lured by a carrot that we finally discover spoiled. Would Disney+ consider us their cash cow?

It remains to be seen whether this imbroglio can be explained… Difficult! Firstly, because the Swiss platform team was unable to clarify the situation for us and limited themselves to telling us that the parent company is now aware of the problem and “is working on it”. But mostly because the Marvel character rights issue is pretty messy. Some changed hands several times, which affected the distribution of the films in which the superheroes in question appeared. Not to mention that the rights do not apply in the same way from one area to another. For example, “The Incredible Hulk” starring Edward Norton (which, unlike “Hulk” starring Eric Bana, is actually a Marvel film) is still not appearing in the Disney+ Switzerland catalogue. While it has been available in Spain since last year.

Complicating matters further, Netflix signed an exclusive deal with Sony to air the final 3 Spider-Man and those that may still be released through 2026. The streaming giant will be able to air the films 9 months after their theatrical release, for a year. Only then can Disney+ restore them. But other agreements could be signed in other countries… In short, in this case the weaver seems well borrowed: not at all ready to be able to free himself from his web…

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