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Montpellier startup Odaptos, which specializes in automated user tests, launched a solution last year that uses artificial intelligence to recognize human emotions. Innovation enables a deep understanding of the needs and behaviors of users of digital products and greatly facilitates the work of UX designers, who need to conduct numerous interviews with users in order to improve the website experience. Now the solution has two new features, key moment identification and mobile application on iOS.

Optimizing user tests with artificial intelligence

Today, to improve the user experience of a website, the UX Designer must conduct numerous interviews in which a team of experts observes and discusses with a user in order to capture their emotions and actions. In order to improve the productivity and analysis of these user tests (so-called tests UX) long and expensive, adjustments has developed an artificial intelligence solution capable of analyzing and recording in real time all the emotions and feelings of the respondents when they tell their experiences on a website. A unique innovation intended for young entrepreneurs from emerging startups beyond large corporations and design agencies.

Even more innovations in 2022!

Always looking for improvements adjustments has integrated two new features:

  • The mobile application on iOS which offers the possibility to test all mobile applications on the iPhone with the recording of the screen at the same time as the user’s reactions to his mobile phone.
  • Identifying key moments, allowing to target specific parts of the video to share the best moments with teams and save time in the process.

Through technology adjustmentsit is possible to recognize human emotions in order to precisely understand the needs of end users and their behavior in digital services.

Productivity gain thanks to the Odaptos solution

During a video conference with a user, the artificial intelligence ofadjustments optimizes the data handling process by recognizing what the customer does, says, thinks and feels. With reliable and detailed results, companies know exactly what their users need or are looking for. which confirms Coralie Lefevre, chairman the company DiappyMed which offers an innovative solution to personalize the treatment of people with diabetes through a dedicated mobile application.

The company called adjustments to refine the needs of their users: “We were looking for a solution that would quickly recover real human information and that wouldn’t weigh too heavily on our budget. Then we found it adjustments and we understood that their AI allowed us to conduct interviews faster and more accurately, increasing the amount of data received and allowing our teams to make the best decision for our users. During job interviews, we can focus on our usersadjustments manages records. »

By focusing on the emotions and feelings of web users, adjustments aims to become the first SaaS platform to automate and streamline user testing through artificial intelligence. The startup stands out from the competition by automating the analysis of the test based on the user’s emotions as well as the accuracy of the transcribed results. See you soon in an upcoming press kit. Chaos!

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