No new millionaire in the Swiss Loto draw

Three heat waves caused the Swiss to sweat this summer. Many have tried to cool off in outdoor pools, prompting record attendance in some areas, a Keystone-ATS survey shows.

The summer of 2022 will go down in history as the second warmest since measurements began in Switzerland, only preceded by the hot summer of 2003. The months of June to August were 2.3 degrees warmer than normal.

Outdoor pools have been taken by storm in this context. In Lausanne, the number of visitors to the Bellerive swimming pool has reached an unprecedented level. Around 266,000 registrations were registered as of September 4, a week before the closure, said Christian Barascud, head of swimming pools at the city’s sports department. The best year so far was 2003 with a total of 229,000 entries. Bellerive also had its all-time visitor record on July 19 with 10,420 entries in a single day.

Bellerive benefited from the closure due to the renovation of the Montchoisi swimming pool, another large outdoor pool in the Vaud capital. But for Christian Barascud the most important explanatory factor is undoubtedly the “extraordinary” weather with constant sunshine since the beginning of May. In the month of May alone, 36,000 entries were registered, compared to a few thousand in normal times.

Almost universal trend

Christian Barascud, also President of the Association des Piscines Romandes et Ticinoises, emphasizes that the trend is the same everywhere. «My colleagues from Neuchâtel or the Jura told me that they let the numbers explode. The entries in Geneva and Ticino were also impressive. The crowds are also exceptional in Morges (VD), which has decided not to heat the water in its pools.

In the Nid-du-Crô swimming pools in Neuchâtel, however, the visitor record was not broken this summer. “The number of visitors corresponds to the average of the past years with Covid,” said Mathieu Séguéla, pool manager. Admissions totaled 100,000 for the summer period.

Ten weeks after the end of the season, the swimming pools in the city of Zurich in German-speaking Switzerland recorded more than two million admissions. Only 2018 had a higher number of visitors than the same period. It is the Mythenquai beach on the edge of the lake that attracted the most visitors with 250,000 people.

The swimming pools in the city of Bern, on the other hand, recorded a fifth more admissions than in the hot summer of 2015, i.e. a total of around 1.66 million visitors. The rush was particularly strong in the Marzilibad, which benefited from the record temperatures of the Aare (new record at 24.04 degrees).

Compared to the previous year, which was nevertheless characterized by very changeable weather and flooding, the number of entries in Berne was almost 70% higher. The development is similar on the Basel-Stadt side, apart from a slump in the summer holidays due to travel cancellations.

Attendance is currently around 420,000 compared to 280,000 at the same time last year, although the season is not quite over yet. In St. Gallen, the swimming pools recorded an above-average season with 187,987 visitors as of August 30th.

swimming accidents

However, the death of a man after a medical problem at the Dreilinden swimming pool clouded this balance sheet. Basel-Stadt also had to cope with a fatal swimming accident. A five-year-old girl was pulled unconscious from the water and taken to hospital, where she died.

Between June and early September, around 30 fatal swimming accidents occurred across Switzerland, most of them in lakes or rivers. According to the Swiss Life Saving Society (SSS), which will publish an interim report at the end of September, the number of accidents this year is likely to be higher than last year due to the good weather.

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